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Tsubo Acrea

A few months before I got married, I started the search for shoes. Once I'd picked out my dress, I knew what I needed. The dress was tea length and the shoes would really show so they needed to be good. And it had a red band around the middle and I wanted to match it. But I'm not a big fan of dyed shoes, so I had to find just the perfect red. Plus, the shoes needed to have a little heel but not too much since I'd have to stand in them for hours. And they had to be comfortable. And they had to be my style. I'm known for my love of shoes so if my shoes weren't perfect, it would be commented upon. And so the search began. Thank goodness for Zappos and Amazon and their return policies. Every other day, it seemed, a new pair of shoes would arrive for me to try.

The Tsubos were a bit of a stretch. I was pretty sure they wouldn't work but I'd been dying to try these shoes so I gave it a shot. They arrived and I loved them. There's a platform in the sole so the high heel doesn't seem quite so high to my feet. The style is modern and funky but still sleek and sexy. The toe's a little odd, pointy/boxy. And my favorite feature is the back strap that almost looks like it's connected to the base of the shoe but isn't. I don't know why exactly, but I really dig that. And they were comfortable. I don't know about hours on my feet comfortable, but surprisingly good for the height. But the color was all wrong for the dress. Far too orange. And so they had to go back. they should have. I ordered them from Amazon, which has a more limited time for returns than Zappos. I kind of, sort of, well, forgot to send them back. And by the time I remembered, it was too late. Poor, poor, pitiful (Tsubo-wearing) me.

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