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August 04, 2005

Hello shoe fans! I'm sorry there's not shoe today, but I have to save them up for this weekend. Yes, it's that time again. The Blogathon is upon us. This weekend I'm going to stay up for 24 hours, posting to the musings page on my site every 30 minutes. And I'm doing it all for The Global Fund For Women, a fantastic charity that works to improve the lot of women all over the world. If you wonder why I'm blogging to benefit them, look at my post from March about women being raped in Congo and you'll see that there are bad things happening to women all over the world that needs to stop. And The Global Fund is actually making a difference.

As I do every year, half of my posts, on the 1/2 hour, will be a Shoe of the Hour. Yes, that's 12 shoes in 24 hours, which will hopefully help make up for my slacking off with Shoe of the Day lately. Sorry shoe fans, I know I've been bad.

My addition this year will be in my posts on the hour. I recently wrote 2 books about online dating and I have way too much knowledge in my head to keep it in. So I will be giving out free tips about online dating, things included in my books as well as things that have come up since as I've continued my online dating odyssey. And there may even be a few anecdotes from my crazy online dating life.

So I will try to be entertaining, shoe loving, online dating anecdoting, and make a lot of money for a good cause in 24 hours, starting at 6 a.m. this Saturday morning the 6th. Please pledge to my excellent charity by clicking on the "Stay up Late" button on the musings page, or going to http://www.blogathon.org, and following their directions for sponsoring me. And send me questions about online dating and/or my online dating experiences and I will answer them all. And feel free to send me shoes, if I like them, I'll feature them! Thanks to everyone for your support!

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