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Shoes of May 2004

Enzo Angiolini

Just plain sleek. Beautiful shape, perfect heel, rounded toe. And I love the cut-outs on top that allow flashes of red toenails. Very sexy shoes. I'd wear these with a black pencil skirt, mid-calf and almost too tight to walk in, a sheer top, and pearls.

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Liz Claiborne

The colors make these sandals. I like the wedge, the way it narrows in the heel. And of course the flower, the focal point, is darling. But mostly I love those colors together. The bright cool blue with the lime green. One of my favorite combinations. I'd wear these with a white knee-length A-line skirt with some sort of summer scene along the hem and a bright blue halter top, hair perkily in a pony tail.

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American Eagle

These were almost mine, if only I could have found them in my size. I saw these at Nordstrom Rack and something about them drew me to them. The red is so candied apple. And the button is so little girl. When I put them on, and I'm not a pumps with jeans kind of person, but when I put them on with my jeans they looked fantastic. I instantly saw myself walking the streets of San Francisco in them. But though I usually wear a 10, in these I needed a 9 1/2. Sigh. Can't have everything. I'd wear these with my dark blue Levis and a cotton top with a little tie on the side.

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I found these at Nordstrom Rack. I tried them on as a joke really, I thought they were a strangely sophisticated form of jelly shoes. But having put them on and looking at the picture, they are sort of oddly appealing. The purple's over the top, for sure. But I kind of like that they're colored but see-through. I like that you can see my red toenails through the shoe. And they're a weird sort of rubbery plastic so they were actually kind of comfortable. I can see wearing them, especially for an 80's night at a club, with a mini-skirt with multiple belts and an off-one-shoulder sweatshirt, hot pink.

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Reaction Kenneth Cole

I almost owned these. I recently received a $75 gift card and all I could think about was SHOES! And not "I can buy several pairs of shoes" but rather "I can buy $75 shoes." But I couldn't really find anything I liked that I thought I would get much wear out of until I found these. Great lines to these, the criss-crossed front straps, the ever fabulous ankle strap. And the heel was the perfect height, tall enough to look good but not so tall it was uncomfortable, something helped along by the flare of the heel where it hits the ground. And I really did love the color, a great bright light blue which you can't see as well as I'd like in this grainy photo. But the fact was that I wouldn't wear them much because of the color. They don't much go with my wardrobe, except a few items maybe. These sandals also come in red and black. I was hoping for the red but they didn't have them in my size. So I walked out empty handed. But I will keep trying Macy's in hope that they get a pair in. I think these would be great all summer, in red, with floaty skirts, jean skirts, tank tops, t-shirts, just about anything I could be bare-legged in.

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Newport News

I think these are hot. I keep coming back to them; the sexy lines and tough edge, without going overboard. They're called motorcycle boots but there are no studs, only 1 1/2 belts, and no flames or skulls or the like. These are for the stylish motorcycle babe, subtle but sexy, who maybe doesn't really ride a motorcycle but appreciates that rebel look. Fabulous heel, tall and tapering. A pointy toe that's not too pointy. And those rockin' belts. I'd wear these wtih a leather mini-skirt and an off-the-shoulder top. Hey, if you're going with the look, go all the way...

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Indigo by Clarks

Ok, no heels today. I just think these are really cute. The colors are great. The stylized flower and asymetrical placement are cool. And they have such a curvy, funky shape. I just wish they had a backstrap. My favorites are the brown and lime ones. I'd wear them with some cropped jeans and a fitted t-shirt all over the place all summer long.

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Not my usual style, but I think the ex-hippie in me drew me to them. I've been wearing turquoise a little more lately (it's my birthstone)and these turquoise sandals are pretty cute, with their tiny heels. But of course it's the red that I want. I like the paisley sole that wouldn't show much except as you walk or dangle them from your hand on the beach. The "jewels" are what are really fabulous about them. Jewelry for your feet, how can you beat that? Goodness knows I'll adorn anything I possibly can. I'd wear these to a dinner on the patio of a lovely beachside restaurant and dangle them on a walk down the beach after, the sun setting in golden orange tones. I'd wear a sarong, simple, not printed, with a halter top and possibly a flower in my hair, stolen off the dinner table.

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