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Shoes of March 2004

Kenneth Cole

I know it's an inappropriate season for these, but they're so delicious. They call the color cognac but it just makes me think of caramel. Mmm, caramel. So yes, beautiful rich color. Great height. And I like the cowboyish tops. And they're just so sleek, with the pointy toes and thin heels. I'd wear them with jeans or an above the knee denim skirt...something about these makes me want to wear denim. Then something blousey on top and a ponytail.

Buy me a pair!

Posted by Alyssa at 06:48 PM | Comments (0)

Mila Paoli

Back to flowers again. More Marshall's shoes. These are wonderfully minimalist. Very simple thin straps. A thin high heel. Thankfully, a backstrap. The one striking detail is the sharp white flower, pointy-petalled, off to the side. These are lovely without being flashy. I'd wear them with a slinky long black dress and pearls.

Posted by Alyssa at 10:54 PM | Comments (4)

Nine West

I know, I know. If feet could express emotions, these are saying, "I hate these things, get them off!" I'm not a thong girl. I hate having that sharp thong bit between my toes. So even for the 30 seconds it took for me to put them on and get the picture taken, my feet nearly rejected them. However, I put them through the torture for a reason. These are really cute. The candyapple red is fabulous. The thong top with the little bow is very cute. And the unusually oblong-shaped heel is really cool. For the thong-wearer, these are a great choice. I found them at Marshall's. You know by now I wouldn't wear these. However, if my inner toes ever lose all feeling, I would wear these with a sarong and red lipstick.

Posted by Alyssa at 10:50 PM | Comments (1)


I saw these at Marshall's this weekend. They're a nice heeled sandal, a little on the high side, since I almost toppled off. I like the shiny leather and the ankle strap. But they'd be nothing without the flower. That bright bright pink big flower. It's the quivalent of wearing a flower in your hair--adds a touch of the exotic, a flair, a splash of color. I'd wear these with a black spaghetti-strap dress, belted, full floaty skirt, and a flower in my hair.

Posted by Alyssa at 08:20 PM | Comments (1)