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Shoes of February 2004


These say spring with a capital S. How could anyone be unhappy wearing these sandals? Great colors, pinks and orange and yellow that make me think of ice flowers by the beach. Nice slightly angled square toe. And a fantastic little squared heel. I'd wear these to cocktails at the beach, in a white linen dress and brightly colored barettes in my hair.

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Chinese Laundry

I normally don't celebrate Valentine's Day, but I couldn't miss an opportunity to highlight these fabulous pink things. Could they be cuter? Lovely pink satin--it's really all about the color. But the ankle straps are nice. And of course, the rhinestone hearts just put them over the top. I'd wear them, assuming I'd ever do such a thing, on Valentine's Day, to a lovely restaurant with a black dress with pink accents and some pink rhinestone earrings.

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Another one I don't have the designer on. Saw these at Macy's. I'm not sure I love them or that I'd wear them, but they are pretty cool. I mostly think of shoes in and of themselves as art, but here are shoes actually using art. And I kind of like the art, too. If I wore these, it would be with black capris and a plain t-shirt--like a blank wall to hang a canvas on.

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Could these be any sweeter? More Nordstrom Rack shoes. These are so girly. Perfect baby pink color. Almost too precious little bow on top. The scalloping on the top. The only thing that keeps these from being worn by a 6 year old is the fairly serious heel. I'd wear these with a floaty skirt and a capsleeve top.

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I'm afraid I don't know who makes these, but I thought they were pretty cool when I saw them at Macy's. I've sort of always wanted pink boots but have yet to commit. These would have been a pretty good choice. Beautiful shape, with a square but still feminine toe. I like the white contrast stitching and the heel is pretty hot. I'd wear these with jeans or maybe a denim skirt and a bow in my hair.

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I really loved these boots when I found them at Nordstrom Rack. I would have paid anything for them. So what does that mean? Well, I'm holding them, not wearing them aren't I? Sigh, about 3 sizes too small. Couldn't even get my foot in. But they are just adorable, aren't they? The pic doesn't really do them justice. Well-shaped soft leather. Comfy square toe. Nice brassy button things on the front. And the topper, what really made me drool for them, a rare on boots and super-cute kitten heel. Ah, if only... Better to have loved a shoe and lost... no, with shoes that's pretty much crap. Much better to love and possess. I'd have worn them with everything, but especially a just above the knee flirty skirt and a tight fuzzy sweater. Maybe a Sofia Loren red scarf around my neck.

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