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Shoes of August 2003


These are so incredibly sexy and I can't quite explain why. The style is simple, a basic high-heeled mule. The color is nice, a warm tan the color of a palomino. But I think it's the leather. I'm not a big suede fan but these shoes look so supple and soft. They make you jealous of your feet for the experience. I would wear these with a knee-length jean skirt and a white silk shirt.

Posted by Alyssa at 06:57 PM | Comments (2)

Charles David

This is another shoe design I saw several of. I think it's clever the way many designers are trying to bring white into more shoe designs without being too nurse-y. While these are primarily black, the white is a significant design point and makes the shoes as cute as they are. I especially like the white stitching on the black. The modified T-strap, which is a sort of inverted triangle, is also very cool. I would wear these with a crisp white shirt tied at the waist and a flirty black or even polka-dotted skirt.

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Stuart Weitzman

More Nordstrom Rack shoes. I saw similar shoes with the fringe in various different designers' lines, but these were the only ones I liked. The shape is good, pointy toe and serious thin high heel, ankle strap. But what boggles is their ability to be suede and fringed but evoke no thoughts of cowboys. Unless it's stealing one's hat while sitting next to him in a bar. I'd wear these with a long leather skirt and a halter top. In a bar. With a cowboy's hat.
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I had another excursion to Nordstrom Rack and they had some great stuff. These are fantastic--and fantastically high--shoes. They're a creative variation on the classic slingback. The sling is still there, but you pass a couple of great straps on the way, creating a cut-out effect. And below the sling is one hell of a high heel. It was not as hard to stand in as I expected, but suffice to say that these shoes didn't make it home with me. They're hot, though. I'd wear them with a below-the-knee swing dress, to avoid the risk of looking trampy--at least in public.

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I was having a crappy day at work today so I ate lunch at my desk and slipped out to Ross around 2:00. All I could think about was I wanted to buy some shoes. I found these boots for $9.99. That's pretty cheap therapy. I like the long pointy toe. I love the little curved heel. And they're pretty comfortable. I'll wear them with a black skirt and red top--the colors that make me happy to go along with my boot therapy.

Posted by Alyssa at 10:18 PM | Comments (1)