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Shoes of January 2003


These aren't exciting Spanish shoes, but they are nicely strappy. They have a sexy spiky heel and a nice pointed toe that's not frightningly sharp. I especially like the deep brown one in the middle. I'd wear them with a floaty brown skirt and a ruffly shirt.

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I have mixed feelings about these shoes. The front pair is almost too housewifey with the tapestry. But the shoe behind is pretty cool. I love the tooled leather, the little strap is a cute detail, and I'm hoping the heel is the same as the front shoe--the front shoe's best characteristic. I'd wear the back pair with a chocolate brown skirt and capuccino colored top with flirty little sleeves.

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There's something very fetish about these shoes, but somehow they manage to circle fetish without actually belonging to it. Most of the shoe is very basic--stylish pointed toe, serious pointed heel, and a nice scooped top. But then there's the massive ankle strap which brings the bad girl thoughts to one's mind. I love those bad girl thoughts. I would wear these with a knee-length black leather skirt and little black jacket. Hair up like a librarian and some little glasses. Just to keep them guessing.

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Pura Lopez

Yum! More Barcelona shoes. The lines of these are just fantastic. So curvaceous they couldn't be any more feminine. Fabulous and no doubt painful very pointy toes, which were everywhere when I was in Spain. The shoe on the left would be fabulous for day, with a black pencil skirt and deep pink off-the-shoulders blouse. The shoe on the right is definitely for night, for making a grand entrance into a fabulous restaurant in a black slinky asymetrical dress with a mantilla tied around the hips.

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From Barcelona

I don't know the name of these, but aren't they swell? From a shoe store in Barcelona. Lovely shade of brown, a medium warm deep camel. Beautiful leather. A simple heel that's not too tall. And best of all, the big old strap and buckle. It could almost be a witchy shoe, but it's just too supple, too "Can you come into my office, Mr. Secretary?" Mmm, nice. I'd wear them with a brown tweed skirt, just above the knee, and a cream silk blouse, unbuttoned just a little more than is kosher...

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