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Shoes of December 2002


When I was in Spain, I could really only admire the hundreds of lovely shoes I saw everywhere I went. I just didn't have room in my luggage or money enough in my bank account to be buying them all. I saw these in a store in Barcelona. Aren't they wonderful? I always love a t-strap. The color is unusual, an almost purply brown enhanced by the purple inner soles. The heels have a great shape as well, not too tall or too short, though they're really too thin to be comfortable. The most striking feature, though, is the texture. The ribbing makes them unusual and fantastic. I'd wear these with a purple top and short deep brown skirt.

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Calcats Padevi

Welcome back to Shoe of the Day! You've been terribly neglected, but I've got lots of lovely Spanish shoes to show you in the days to come. Here's the first of those, the only pair I actually bought. The style in Spain right now is pointy toes and little heels--lovely to look at but not so great to walk in. I bought these, with their low heels, in an effort to embrace the style and retain some comfort. I managed pretty well, as long as I don't walk too far. I love the little strap that suggests Mary Janes without being child-like. I love the little white stitching, too, and oh that little tiny button--a great touch. I've worn them with a black pencil skirt and a little pink fuzzy sweater.

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