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Shoes of August 2002


Nice 40's style with a twist. The 40's is in the toe--long and thin--and the heel--tall an thin. Then the modern comes in with the squaring of the toe at the end and the little spaghetti straps around the ankle. And neither 40's nor modern is the starburst white on the front, adding stunning contrast without bothering with color. I'd wear these with a full knee-length skirt with a belt and a tight black sweater.

Posted by Alyssa at 12:32 AM | Comments (11)

David Aaron

These are really lovely slides. Very classic style with a sleek pointed toe and simple straight thin heel. The embroidered flowers soften the look and make these beautiful and feminine. I'd wear them with the classic black dress for just a touch of color.

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Trampy but not trashy. Trampy can be good, if done correctly. I love these, with the thin twisty black and white straps, the little wood sole, and, of course, the ever-fabulous lucite heel. They're like Cinderella going out to the disco afterparty. I'd wear these with a floaty short black skirt and a glittery top--tube or otherwise.

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Posted by Alyssa at 10:45 PM | Comments (0)

Nine West

I needed to show both pictures of these because it's interesting the difference in color. Color is one of my favorite things with shoes--a stunning color can make a boring pump fabulous. These I thought of as red, as you can see in the second picture, when I saw them in the store. They reminded me of a red satin disco hat I had in the 70's that I just loved. Then when I saw the pics I had taken of these shoes, I saw from the first picture that under certain light they're a fantastic bright pink. What a great combo--you can't go wrong with either color and both are ultra-feminine. The reason I took two pictures of these can be seen clearly, I think. You look at the first and see the lovely curves of the straps, the long curves of the sides of the toe. You look at the second view and it's a little more geometric, with the horizontal strap that mirrors the narrow heel. I'd wear these with a mid-calf length cigarette skirt and a black satin blouse and my favorite pinky-red lipstick.
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These shoes are kind of a mish-mash in details, but all the details are intriguing. There's the spumoni colored top strap which is nicely springy. Then the thin clear lucite sole. But the topper is the odd "U" shaped wooden heel. I'm not sure what this shoe is trying to be, and I'm not sure it all comes together, but it's certainly worth looking at. I'd wear them with some denim capris and a pink top and wooden chopsticks in my hair.

Posted by Alyssa at 11:14 PM | Comments (3)


Great party shoes. Clever use of sparkles, in the thin see-through dark meshy material. The ever fabulous lucite heel. And creative strap organization, the non-parallel top straps and the thin back strap. I'd wear these with a flouncy black skirt and a pale silver corset top to a fabulous ball. Anyone got an invite for a ball?

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These are really groovy. I love the color of blue in the top strap, echoed in the inner sole. But these are all about the sculptural heel. Smooth, black, and a big hole through the middle. They remind me of a Henry Moore. I'd wear them with black capris and a tight off the shoulder blue top and onyx jewelry.

Posted by Alyssa at 11:19 PM | Comments (1)

Linea Paolo

I'm depressed that this picture is so bad. These are fantastic shoes. Beautiful red satin. The sexy combo of pointy toe and tall thin heel. And the best part, the ankle strap with rhinestones covering it. There's also a little zipper up the back. They all but scream "fetish." I'd wear these with a little black dress with a flared skirt (to avoid that hooker look) and rhinestone jewelry. Something comfortable, since these shoes weren't meant for standing in.

Posted by Alyssa at 11:15 PM | Comments (2)


Sexy with a touch of groovy. The red color and high heel are very sexy, and they're nicely open-toed. But then there's the rough suede, the fringes, and the wood sole for that groovy 60's feel. I'd wear these with some cropped flares and a chocolate brown halter top.

Posted by Alyssa at 11:19 PM | Comments (1)


I found these at Ross. These are the perfect casual chic shoes for work. Very nice slim heel but mostly fabulous brown colors and squared toes and heels. I'd wear them with a chic brown Italian fitted suit.

Posted by Alyssa at 09:39 PM | Comments (1)


Yet another mystery Nordstrom Rack shoe. I'll certainly make more careful notes next time. These are lovely, great inner purple sole, which is clearly seen in the pointy toe. Cleverly cut out top strap. And a super sexy tall spiky heel. I'd wear these with a vintage black dress, strapless, and amethyst earrings.

Posted by Alyssa at 07:08 PM | Comments (3)