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Shoes of July 2002


Roman Shoes

Spotted in Rome by my sister. I now have roving reporters finding shoes for me. I really like the cut out tops, the pointy toes, and sleek heels. I'd wear them with a calf-length cafe latte colored leather skirt and a tight white top, a very Italian scarf tied around my neck.

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Christian Dior

Someone asked me a few months ago if I knew of any great rhinestone sandals. I didn't at the time. Since then, I've found these. Very sleek, simple, sexy strappy sandals (alliterative shoes!). Then a touch of rhinestones on the top strap and the next best thing to a diamond ankle bracelet for an ankle strap. I'd wear these with a long black velvet evening gown.

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These are very groovy sandals. They're all about the sole and heel. Those crazy stripes. Then a very cool round and stout angled heel. I would wear these with black capris and a red top.

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There's not much to these shoes, but they're very cute. Very simple strappy sandals with a nice wrap around ankle strap. The creative touch is their use of lucite. Nice little lucite squares on the top strap and a very nice boxy lucite heel. And I like the flash of violet from the inner sole. I would wear these with the classic black dress, with vintage lucite jewelry.

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More mystery Nordstrom Rack shoes. I can almost read the name on the inner sole, but not quite. Aren't they adorable? The shoes Barbie would wear if she had better taste. Beautiful pale pink with a great sheen. Cute squared sole and open toes. And a wonderful space-age silvery little heel. I would wear these with a pink checked skirt and white sleeveless my dream house, with Ken.

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Greater LA

Very cute, unusual shoes. I like the red and cream basket weaved top, it's summery, makes me think of picnics. The cream inside red of the sole makes me think of creamsicles. And I love the inset cream wedge heel with the little red flowery ethnic design on it. I would wear these with a flowy cream colored linen dress and a big straw hat.

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These are more mystery Nordstrom Rack shoes. I adore the color, that rich red. The texture is also wonderful, silk shantung maybe, with light stitching. The style is a classic mule-styled pump. Great column heel. And just when you weren't sure they were cute enough, little tiny rhinestones in the shape of flowers. How could you not feel fantastic in these shoes? I would wear them with a tight black cigarette skirt and an off the shoulder 50's black sweater with a rhinestone brooch. Red lipstick.

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Via Spiga

Is it a bad thing to have feet the color of tomatoes? Not in this case. A watery red is an unlikely color for shoes, but it works. These make all the statement of red shoes but aren't quite as flashy. The style is similar to yesterday's shoe of the day, a sort of 40's feel with criss-crossed front straps. But these are a little sleeker, a little more modern. They've got the great patent shine to them. The stitching's a little more intricate. The heel's a little taller and sexier. And I love the little back strap, making these slings instead of yesterday's pumps. In other words, these are more me and yesterday's are more Mom. Nothing wrong with either one, just different style sensibilities. I'd wear these with a deep brown wrap dress and a carnelian necklace.

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Sara Galiberti

Another Nordstrom Rack shoe. This time on my Mom's foot. She was unexpectedly drawn to this shoe, saying it seemed very 40's. My mom's always seemed like someone firmly in the present day--I've never seen her wear anything vintage. But she loved these shoes and so do I. The shape is so classic and very 40's, as Mom said, with a well-curved heel and neat cross straps. The white stitching adds to the vintage feel. And there's just a touch of modernity in the tan accents on the straps and the top. I see Mom wearing these with a black cocktail dress and pearls. Go, Mom, go.

Posted by Alyssa at 12:30 AM | Comments (2)

Stuart Weitzman

The only thing more astonishing than the size of these shoes (they're 4 1/2, I couldn't fit my hand inside never the less a foot) is the crazy combos of colors and patterns this shoe employs. The back is a sleek black and red semi-slingback with a really cool modern wedge-ish heel. Going by the back, I would buy these shoes (if I found them in my size). But the front is a weird mixed animal print collage in yellow, white, and black. Even if the whole shoe followed the style of the front, I wouldn't buy them. But you put the front and the back together on the same shoe and it looks like someone got confused at the factory. I'm fascinated by these shoes, thus the spotlight today, but these shoes are not for me. I imagine them being worn with a bright red suit, gold jewelry, dyed platinum hair, and a bad face lift.

Posted by Alyssa at 11:19 PM | Comments (1)

Cole Hann

Very classy. These are so sleek, pointy toes and simple sensible heel. But the color is anything but sensible, a great peach that probably wouldn't go with anything in your closet but manages to be irresistible. Then the very cute pale pink straps as highlights. These shoes have a strange quality--they grow on you the longer you look at them. You come to realize just how lovely they are. They're the shy girl in the back of the room of shoes. I would wear them with black rough silk capris and a pink cap sleeve top.

Posted by Alyssa at 10:41 PM | Comments (2)


I took this pic at Nordstrom Rack. I failed to note who makes them, probably because I thought for sure I'd remember. I mean, wouldn't you? These are so darn cute and how many shoes do you find these days with fruit on them? The perfect shoe for a 4th of July picnic. I'd wear them with blue jean capris and a white peasant top.

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Stuart Weitzman

The shoe equivalent of a see-through blouse. Generally I'm in favor of leaving something to the imagination, in both blouses and shoes. But there's something about lucite, and there's something about these shoes. It's almost like levitating, walking along with your feet not touching turf, watching the ground go by underneath. Then there's just a touch of silver for the Cinderella look. These shoes turn the foot into an object of desire, something to be stared at, unbelievable that she could show so much skin... I would wear these with a simple white skirt and a non-see-through blouse.

Posted by Alyssa at 11:23 PM | Comments (2)


My, these are sex on heels. Let's start with those heels. These are not meant to stand on, except perhaps by the more talented drag queens. The height is just a step away from fetish. But they're great, tall and sleek and thin. Then we move up to the ankle strap. Do I have to drum in the sexiness of an ankle strap again? Then there's the little rhinestone horseshoe buckle on the ankle strap...which leads us down to the one on the toe. So very cute, a little contrast to the stark black and just a taste of sparkle. The other rhinestones along the toe strap are overkill if you ask me, but these shoes aren't trying to hide their light under a bushel (as my mom would say). Then the most interesting touch--the natural wood colored sole. It's unexpected and somehow keeps these shoes from slipping into slutty. I'd wear these with a leather mini-skirt and a red tank top...oh, wait, did I say we're not going with slutty?
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Leopoldo Giordano

I would never wear these in a million years. But aren't they cute? Sometimes my personal taste and my sense of aesthetics don't mesh. I found these at Nordstrom Rack. I love the color combo--the pale pale yellow and the baby blue. I love the little kitten heel. And I even love the butterfly. These are just the sweetest shoes ever. And if I was the sort of person who would wear these shoes, I would wear them with a knee length skirt and a fuzzy baby blue sweater. But I might have to live in a 1950's sorority house to do so.

Posted by Alyssa at 10:45 PM | Comments (2)