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Shoes of June 2002


Another Saturday, another shopping trip, another pair of shoes. Aren't these just the cutest? Baby pink, great wood heels, and those lovely ankle straps. It says "Barbie" on the bottom and I think Barbie would be only too lucky to be seen in these. I'll wear them with khaki capris and a white halter top, among other things.

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Steve Madden

I've seen a lot of these odd heels lately and I have to say I just don't get them. They're really cool looking but most of the ones I've seen have been rubber or somewhat flexible. What's odd is when you stand on them, the heels buckle under the shoe. Not exactly an attractive look walking. These are wood, so they would probably stand up to the pressure. I still wonder about them; I'd feel like they'd snap off half way up the street. If I had the guts to wear them, I'd wear these with black capris and a red t-shirt.

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Christian Dior

These shoes are all about the inner sole, so you might wonder, "What's the point?" After all, the foot covers the inner sole. No one sees it, right? Well, that depends. It depends what kind of woman you are. Do you walk around in your shoes just showing off the tall sexy spiky heel, nice dark wood outer sole, and the groovy twisty wiry leather tops? Even if you're that woman, you've got to love these shoes. But these shoes are really made for the other kind of woman. The kind who sits on a barstool with her legs crossed, one shoe dangling casually, precariously off the end of her toes, flashes of purple flowers catching the eye as her leg sways. Or the kind who carries them by the twists as she walks barefoot down the beach. Or the woman who kicks them off on the dancefloor so she can really get down. I'm all those latter women, the ones who find a way not to have to stand in these great looking shoes, and I would wear them with a little black vintage dress and a purple flower in my hair.

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The essence of summer. These are crying out for a catered picnic. I love the long pointed look of the toe--they remind me of Ferragamos. The basket-weaved yellow and white top is bright and cheerful, perfect for a sunny day in the park. I'd wear them with a white above the knee floaty dress and a big straw hat.

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These are great summer shoes. Pale brown leather with cool studs. A little wrappy ankle strap. Natural wood soles. And a very sexy thin heel. I'd wear them with a linen skirt and a white blouse with a lace-up front.

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I saw these on a woman in Safeway tonight and I chased her all over the store trying to get a good picture. I finally got this when she ended up behind me in the checkout line. Imagine my embarrassment when I hit the wrong button and my flash went off. Oddly enough, I don't think she noticed. I love the tortoiseshell and these are nicely reddish brown. I liked them when I saw them from the front. Then I saw them from the back. Clear lucite heels. I'm such a sucker for the lucite. And not too tall, either. Perfect for grocery shopping. She wore them with a baby blue skirt and matching twin set. I'd wear them with black capris and a burnt orange sweater. I'd buy nothing but wine and chocolates.

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Christian Dior

Normally I spotlight shoes I love, think are particularly interesting, or shoes I desperately want to own. Today is a different point of view. I want to show the atrocities that have been done to shoes. These are the saddest boots I've ever seen. Who would do such a terrible thing to such innocent footwear? The belts might be ok alone, though they would be better on black boots. The tan addition near the toe might be ok alone. The carvas insert into the side is marginally passable. You add the belts, the tan, the canvas, the horrible attached change purse, and the jester's bell-like tag on the back and you've got some boots that are crying out for help. Dior, how could you? I wouldn't wear these if you paid me a thousand dollars. Which is probably what they cost.

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I love the color on these. The style is simple with a nice square heel. The woven top strap makes them a little unusual. But the bright pink color is the best part. I'd wear them with a floral skirt and cap-sleeved top.

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A summer wedding. A little white dress. Chunky funky green jewelry. A wide-brimmed white straw hat with a big yellow band. What could be more perfect to showcase these slides? Sleek but a little playful, these shoes are perfect for an elegant day in the sunshine. Just avoid the grass with those cute little pointy heels.

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I got these on sale at Esprit for $10, believe it or not. Hard to believe such very cute shoes could come so cheap. And they're surprisingly comfortable, at least as far as heels go. These shoes want to salsa, or flamenco, or boogie down. They're screaming for a dance. Nice round, thick heels for solidity, an ankle strap to keep them from flying off during high kicks, sexily ventilated tops to let my tootsies breathe. And a flash of pink from the insoles, to keep everyone watching them. I'd wear these with a floaty 70's skirt and a pink haltar top.

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Peter Fox

For those with a classic Marian the Librarian complex. If you just take a glance these are brown churchgoing shoes. Take a closer look. Rich chocolate brown. Sexy double straps. And a curvaceous little heel. I'd wear these with a long brown skirt, buttoned up blouse, hair up, and glasses on. After all, the shoes say it all.

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Peter Fox*

These are just flat out gorgeous shoes. Hot red in suede with shiny soles. The ever sexy ankle strap with a deco curve. A great peep-toe. And some insole decolletage. I'd wear them with anything to add some spice.

*Thanks, Kendra, for sending this site.

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These are the ones that got away. I almost bought these at Nordstrom Rack for, I think, $15. But instead I was practical and got some comfortable sandals for a trip I'm taking. But these are darned cute. Satiny, with lots of straps. Nicely curved heel. I would have worn them with a short little black flirty skirt and a peasant top.

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Not long after waxing poetic about T straps a few posts ago, my sister brought me these shoes from Rome. Sleek and sexy, these exemplify the lengthening effect of the T strap. The toe manages to be long and pointed but with the square end they're not painful. I'll wear these shoes with a flowy skirt and tight black top.

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