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Shoes of May 2002

Via Spiga

I tried these on at Nordstrom Rack. I think they're pretty cool, though I don't think I'd buy them. The blue top strap looks sort of plastic-y despite being leather. If it wasn't for the heel, they would be consigned to Payless. But the heel makes them. I love the clear and blue striped lucite heel, solid and straight but with a little curved afterthought on the bottom. I'd wear them with white capris and a blue boatneck top.

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Martinez Valero

I love T straps. They make me think of dancers, probably because my sister used to wear T straps when she did flamenco dancing. I think they make the foot look long, thin, and delicate. These are especially fancy looking in black velvet. I like the columnar heels, too. I would wear them with a floaty red skirt and a black off the shoulder top. Probably out dancing.

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Via Spiga

Virgin/Slut pretty much describes these shoes. The prettiest of baby blues with a very simple black stripe accent brings to mind white linen dresses on a summer day, picnics in the park, all the chaste sweet summery things we do. But there's something of an evil streak about them, the high round thin heels that scream to be hooked onto a barstool and a top strap that narrows in the middle to show as much skin as possible. I'd wear them with a white linen dress...cut up to here and down to there.

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Steve Madden

I love these chunky shoes. The style is pretty basic, and sort of 60's/70's. It's the metal colored stripes that really make them, though. Copper, bronze, and the deep chocolate brown. They go great with jeans, as you can see. Or I could wear them with black tights, a short brown skirt, and a tan lace-up shirt.

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These are my new very cute shoes. I bought them to go with a dress I'm wearing to a wedding this weekend. They were on sale for $10 at Nordstrom Rack, believe it or not. They're a great dark pink. They're high-heeled but not too high, the ankle strap is sexy...but the best part is the little embroidered flowers on the top strap. I'll wear them with a black dress with big pink flowers and floaty sleeves.

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Kenneth Cole

Very nice, classic, stylish black and white shoes. It's hard to wear black and white shoes without feeling like a kid in saddle shoes. These slingbacks won't let you forget you're an adult. Painful looking but sleek pointed toes and high heels make a girl feel all grown up. I'd wear them with a black pencil skirt and a black angora sweater with a little white bow.

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John Fluevog

There's something very 40's about these shoes. They're very classic with the little narrow heels and pointed toes. It's the gathered leather and button that make them interesting. They want to be worn swingdancing. I would wear them with a big floaty circle skirt and a tight purple sweater. Bright red lipstick, of course.

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Studio HD2

I tried these on at Ross the other day. Anyone who pays attention to Shoe of the Day knows my unabashed lust for lucite shoes. I love the look of a clear shoe, in theory. However, these shoes didn't cut it in practice. Before I put them on I thought I'd buy them for sure. They're princess shoes. Silver sole, clear Cinderella glass slipper-ish straps and heel. And to top it off, little sparkly rhinestones in the straps. What's not to love? But when I put them on, something happened. Besides not being comfortable, they cut off the circulation to my toes and made them yellow (the color my pale skin turns if you cut off the blood supply). No Cinderella transformation for me, no fabulous dress and coach and prince for me, I get yellow toes and sore soles. Ah well, the shoes themselves are still darned cute. If I could wear them, I would wear a pale blue dress with little silver stars on it. Tiara optional. Prince required.

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