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Shoes of April 2002


Yes, these are yet another new pair of shoes for me. I bought them this weekend at Ross. They were only $10. I think they're darned adorable. I love the roundness of them. They're platformed but not ridiculously so, so even though they're high-heeled they're pretty comfortable. Of course, I haven't worn them for more than 5 minutes. The only thing I'm not thrilled about is the gold buckles. I think they look cute, but I'm not a gold person. Still, it's a long way from the feet to my next piece of jewelry. I will wear them with little black capris and a little floral t-shirt or a bright springy dress.

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John Fluevog

These are my singing teacher's shoes. The moment I saw them it was love. Very cute and playful. They're mary jane-like and a little like my Sketchers, but much cooler. Supple-looking leather in pale blue and yellow--a great color combo. They're almost cartoonish in their roundness--the round toe and round stacked heel. However, all factors together make for a stylish shoe that will make you smile, but not laugh. My teacher wore them with khakis and a cute shirt. She's always so stylish, I don't have a better suggestion.

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These are more Nordstrom Rack shoes. Horror of all horrors--I don't remember who makes them. But they're darn cute. The wedge is a good solid height. The overlapping top is a nice touch. But the best part is the red trim around the ankle strap and the overlapping top. Can't beat red and black. I'd wear them with a flirty little black skirt and black top, sparkly red jewelry, and red lipstick.

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More shoes seen at Luba on Irving St. Very nice simple brown sandals, as at home on Haight Street as at Palomino for a date on the patio. The style is simple, a mule wedge. But the stitching on the sole, the pattern on the top, and the widow's peak point make a stylish, interesting sandal. I would wear them with a flowy floral skirt and peasant top, if I still owned those things since my hippie days. Instead I would wear them with a short brown suede skirt and a flowered t-shirt.

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Fly Right

These are my friend Angie's shoes. We were getting ready to go out to see some friends and she pulled out these shoes. She said she'd never worn them before. I love them. I love the dark brown heel and sole against the pale tan leather. Very cute thin ankle straps. And a fabulous peekaboo toe opening--just enough to see a couple of freshly pedicured pink toes. She wore them with jeans and a pink t-shirt. I think it looked great. I'd wear them with capris and a brown sweater.

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Carlos Santana

I have countable doubts about whether Carlos Santana actually had anything at all to do with designing these shoes. However, they are sexy with a little Spanish feel to them. So I suppose he was their inspiration if nothing else. Regardless, I like them. They're a great style with the wrap around ankle strap with a big buckle and the very thin stiletto heel. And I absolutely love the red and tan color combo I've been seeing more of lately. I'm an occasional practitioner myself. I'd wear these with a very floaty black skirt and red t-shirt to salsa class.

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