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Shoes of March 2002

Via Spiga

I saw these are Ross and even there they were kind of expensive. $39.99. But they are really great. You gotta love a strappy sandal that manages to have a serious edge. Hot pink inner sole and a very 80's punk rock zipper across the top. If I went with the theme, I would wear them with a hot pink mini-skirt and black off-one-shoulder sweatshirt with a couple of belts. However, I'd be far more likely to wear them with a short black skirt and black tanktop. Maybe some pink rhinestones. No big hair.

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Stuart Weitzman

I love these cute little black shoes. Beautiful glossy but not shiny black. The always fabulous ankle strap. A very nice curvy high heel. But the key is the peak-a-boo cut out showing some toe cleavage. And just a little bit of a platform. I would wear these not with the jeans and pressure imprints from my socks that you see in this picture. But rather with a black pleated skirt and a girly white round-collared shirt.

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In my current dayjob, I work in an office that I share with a doctor's office. Drug reps come by all the time with donuts, pens, whole buffets, invitations to dinners, all kinds of things. These shoes belong to a rep who came by the other day and gave us some pens. The reps are almost always flawlessly dressed and the women always have gorgeous shoes. The trick is to take pictures in the office without anyone, especially the rep, seeing me do it. I don't feel like explaining myself.

These are very nice. A good solid wedge heel but with a stylish narrow curve. A long narrow toe ending in a square. The ever sexy ankle strap. She wore these with a little black suit that was very cute. I'd wear them with a vintage polkadot dress and upswept hair.

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I highlighted these shoes before, but that was before I owned them. I think it may be the first time I ever asked someone where they got their shoes, actually managed to find the shoes, then bought the shoes. I love these. They're comfortable and cute and something between a sneaker and a sandal. I wear them with socks and without socks--I prefer without--and can wear them with pants or skirts. I plan to wear them through the summer with capris and with skirts, any time I want comfortable cute shoes. Can't beat that. I found them at an outlet mall for $16 less than they are on Sketchers' website. They come in different colors but I love the pink.

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Stuart Weitzman

Easter is coming and naturally that's what I think of when I see lavender shoes. But these lavender shoes shouldn't be relegated to one special occasion. These are the spring shoes of my dreams. A classic criss-cross of straps on the top gives way to a modern extra vertical strap on the side and a very hip thin square heel. And just a touch of sunshine yellow beaming out from the inner sole. I'd wear these wtih a white sundress and white straw hat with a lavender ribbon on any special spring occasion. I would wear them with capris and little white t-shirt on any other occasion.

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Via Spiga

I never knew tan could look so sexy. Something about the fig shaped heel or the peep hole with a flash of toe causes a speedy heartbeat. I could wear these with a tan business suit and feel like a femme fatal. But I wouldn't. I'd wear them with a tan pencil skirt and a black angora sweater off both shoulders. Like a 50's starlet who's only innocent in the picture shows.

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This is yet another of my gymnastic attempts to get a picture of someone's shoes. This is from under the seat in front of me. I saw this woman on the bus (one day when the N Judah train was a bus instead of a train) and loved her sandals. I've had kind of a thing for gold recently (well, since Halloween when I was a gold fairy) and I like this shade, not too brassy, more just golden. And the inner curve of the heel is very feminine. I would wear them with capri pants and a golden capsleeved t-shirt.

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