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Shoes of February 2002

Nine West

These remind me of mismatched pajamas. You gotta love the stripes, which would just peek out if there was a foot in the shoe, matched with bright florals. Then just a simple solid colored top to bring it all together. These are pure fun. I'd wear them with a basic black little dress to spice it up if I was feeling conservative or with a linen sundress on a bright summer day.

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On a beautiful day like today, these are the kind of shoes I'd like to be wearing. Even at Nordstrom Rack, though, they were well beyond my price range. These mules brighten up a room like a sunbeam. They're playful, beautiful, colorful, and summer personified. I would wear them with a bright yellow sundress and a ponytail on top of my head.

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I found these at Ross. They were $11.99. I like them because they're slingbacks but they're a little unusual. I like the curve of the back strap. I like the cut-out sides and the pale blue inner sole. I like the square toe and the solid square heel. The parts look fairly practical, but the sum of the parts is a sexy, comfortable shoe. A rare find.

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I've never done this one before. I was in a bathroom stall, changing into my jeans for the walk home from work, and I saw these shoes walk into the stall next to me. Out came my camera. I flushed the toilet in an effort to hide the beeping of my camera as I took a couple of pics. I didn't have the guts for a flash, which is why they're not as clear as I'd like. I love the little heart cut-outs in the leather.

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Kenneth Cole Reaction

A nice twist on the usual mary jane. The open sides are sexy. The wedge is modern and playful. The shape of the wedge is curvaceous. The ankle strap is sexy, modern, and playful all in one--thin, riveted, and a twist from the usual top strap. I would wear them with a flirty black skirt, just above the knee, and a red cap-sleeved shirt.

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A woman at the wedding I went to this weekend was wearing these sandals. I like the curve, the fact that the top strap doesn't just fall across the top of her foot. They look pretty comfortable too. She wore them with a great colorful skirt and black top. That works for me.

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