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Shoes of December 2001


I know I usually spotlight shoes that I think beautiful or shoes I own, and these fall into neither of those categories. However, I'm transfixed by them. Call me naive, but I've never seen shoes like these. They're called Ballet Shoes or Boots and I found them when I accidentally stumbled into the internet world of fetish shoes. Somehow I find these shoes more disturbing than other pictures I inadvertently tripped over in my search for interesting shoes, pictures I won't go into. I just look at these and wonder who would do this to themselves. I mean, I've worn high heels and they're painful after an hour, if not sooner. Can you imagine being forced to wear these? I suppose the pain is the point. *shudder* I wouldn't wear these. And those who do apparently don't wear much else.

Posted by Alyssa at 09:19 PM | Comments (2)

Jimmy Choo

These boots don't know quite what they want to be. The shaft is like a cowboy boot, the toe like a granny boot, the heel like a stiletto pump and made from what should be a fabulous wool skirt. Somehow they all combine to make a very untraditional but classy boot. I would wear them with a tan wool skirt, cream tank top, and brown leather jacket.

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Nine West

These are the shoes I wore today on my 31st birthday. They're a lot more subdued than the ones I wore last year, which were red and very tall. But these suit this birthday. Everything about these shoes is modern. They're unusual, with the clear plastic sole, they have a modern square toe and the stretchy strap instead of a buckle. They're shiny. Yet all these modern aspects somehow combine to make them look classic. I'm not sure why, and maybe I'm crazy, but they remind me of the 40's. I wore them with a black dress with a 40's cut but geometric pattern and a little black sweater.

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Stuart Weitzman

With the cold weather and rain, all I want to wear are boots. These would be perfectly ordinary ankle boots if it wasn't for the heel. Just look at the curve on that baby. I would wear these with a long wool houndstooth skirt and black turtleneck, hair in a bun, and big gold hoops. Well, anyone who knows me knows I don't wear turtlenecks or buns or gold anymore, but wouldn't that look great?

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Not as stylish as the usual shoe of the day, but these are the "shoes" I've been wearing most of the time these days. At least when I'm at home. I've only recently discovered the joy of slippers, as I've always been a barefoot-around-the-house kind of girl. But my apartment gets cold and the floors are tile so I've learned to love my slippers. Plus they're a cute pink and they've got a 50's theme. I wear them with soft big warm flannel pajamas.

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