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Shoes of November 2001


I saw these in a store called Cris on Polk Street. I love them. A simple slingback style. But the color is rich red, blood red, and the criss crossed lines make them look more modern while bringing to mind a 40's style. Nice contradiction. I would wear these with a wrap dress and 40's hair.

Posted by Alyssa at 08:57 PM | Comments (1)


My mom found these when we were shopping at Nordstrom Rack. She decided I had to have a picture of them because of the giant 'A'. They were a size 7 1/2 so she had to model them. I have to admit, I love the giant 'A' and if I thought for a second I could walk in these, and they were my size, I'd buy them. I saw a drag queen at Rack trying on a similar pair. It never ceases to astonish me how well men can walk in shoes women wouldn't even try. I would wear these with a tight short silver skirt and sequins. If only drag queens can wear them, you might as well go with that look.

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Not your grandmother's pilgrim shoe. Add a platform, some heel, some non-puritan attitude and you're all set. I would wear these with a black and white dress--above the knee with a little cleavage. Gotta show some pilgrim progress.

Incidentally, the pilgrims used to put shoes in their walls to ward off evil spirits. Seems a waste of good shoes, but that's just me.

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Studio HD2

These are shoes for the cowgirl or motorcycle babe who's tired of boots. The shiny black leather suggests Harleys and rebels. The cutouts suggest linedancing and rugged Marlboro men. Wearing them would suggest that you're ready for any of the above. I would wear them with a denim skirt, red stitched cowgirl blouse, and black leather jacket. Make them guess what you're ready for.

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Sexy and playful. The heal is chunky but curvaceous. I like the feathers but I'm conflicted. Part of me thinks they're great, remind me of a feather boa or a penoir. But the other part of me is reminded of the feather on the side of an old man's hat. The red redeems the old man image. I'd wear these with a ruffled skirt and red cowl neck tank top.

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To The Max

Luba, the store down the street, has again lured me to their window with these shoes. I love a t-strap shoe generally. These are non-traditional, a twist on the t-strap. Gotta love the t-strap with velcro. The heel is nice, pyramidal without being unbalanced. The white stitching is a great detail. I love the swoosh the toes do at the end. I'd wear these shoes with a vintage dress, black or white fishnets, and some leather studded jewelry.

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Christian Louboutin

The 60's go-go boot with a twist. Or a couple of stripes rather. A little bit more sophisticated than the go-go boot with it's thin heel and sleek lines. The stripes keep them from feeling out of date. I would wear these with a 60's style mini-dress--but no big flowers, just clean black or silver. And some fishnets. Frosted lipstick completely optional.

Posted by Alyssa at 09:35 PM | Comments (2)


These remind me of Barbie sandals, especially the yellow. The heels are a little shorter, for feet not permanently in a high-heel position. It's got a second strap so the shoe stays on, for the woman who actually walks. And the toe is squared for the woman without a pointed plastic tip on the end of her foot. But I would still wear them with a yellow vinyl minidress and yellow feather boa. Dreamcar to match.

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I don't know why but this shoe reminds me of a bra. Something about the satiny sheen, the pale color, the thin straps--it looks like Victoria's Secret's answer to a shoe. Can't you just see one of those absurdly thin models saying it's all about the curves? These shoes have more curves than any of those women. I would wear these with a short skirt, sheer top, and matching bra.

Posted by Alyssa at 10:37 PM | Comments (1)

Manolo Blahnik

These are very sweet shoes. The palest of pink with a fairy tale silver swirl on top. Just a little bit of edge in the lucite heel. I would wear these with a pale pink cashmere sweater, pearls, and a black leather skirt.

Posted by Alyssa at 11:04 PM | Comments (3)