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Shoes of October 2001

I went to a Halloween party this Saturday night and one of the guests had these amazing shoes. Apparently she wore them at her wedding. You gotta love someone who would wear these shoes to her wedding, so untraditional and very sparkly. She wore them with a fabulous furlined dress and white feather boa. I would wear them with a silver minidress and rhinestones.

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These are deceptively sexy. Almost businesslike with their muted colors and straightforward lines they could almost go unnoticed. But they don't. The heel is a little taller than expected, the toe a little more pointed. There's no back strap just a little leather over the back of the heel leaving a flash of flesh on the sides. The perfect touch is the tiny little strap over the top. I would wear these with a perfect little black business suit, if I had such a thing. Otherwise, I would wear them with a pencil skirt, and silk blouse, with Lauren Bacall hair.

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These are my new boots. I got them at Payless for $21.99. I love the color, I love the stitching which adds interest. I think they're very sexy but not overtly. The rounded toe and somewhat sturdy look keep them from being flashy. I'll wear them with a black skirt and brown sweater and my red pleather coat.

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Kate Spade

These shoes are all about the color. The purple reminds me of the prom I never went to, the one where everyone wore gorgeous designer dresses and shoes, looking innocent and elegant at the same time. The tiny little flowers detail on the top of the sandal is a nice extra decoration. The little strap over the top of the foot instead of around the heel is a great touch. These would go perfect with my white chiffon prom dress and matching purple sash and corsage. If I had these shoes. If I had that dress. If I had that prom...

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Enzo Angiolini

With all the fabulous shoes I saw on Haight, these were the only ones I bought. Oddly enough, they were also the only ones I could afford. They were $20 on sale. I love the color, a dark coppery brown. There's a nice feminine curve to the top over the toe. The heel is tall enough that I'll never wear them anywhere I'll have to stand for any amount of time but it's got a wonderful slight arch. And I think an ankle strap makes any shoe sexy. I'll wear these with a tight leather skirt and brown sweater, next time I get a date.

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Yet more Haight Street boots. These are the perfect balance between sexpot and bombshell. There is a difference. The sexpot is blatant, the bombshell is feminine and herself and sexy for being so. These boots have blatant sexiness in the bright red and black combination, the pointy toe, and the thin high heel. But they're feminine with the little red bow and have personality with the calf cleavage on the side, the red heel and sole. These boots could have easily been sleazy but they are too playful to fall over that edge. I would wear them with a black skirt just above the knee and a tight red sweater. A little Chanel is the perfect accessory.

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More Haight shoes. I'm not going to get creative in describing them, they're just plain fun. I'd wear them with anything, but especially big cuffed jeans and a tank top bought at any Paul Frank store.

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