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Shoes of September 2001

Isaac Mizrahi

I went to Nordstrom Rack today and as usual took pictures of all their designer shoes in an effort to keep myself from buying them. It worked today as I escaped with only two small purchases, neither of them $75 Kate Spades. These are great, outrageous color and feminine polka dots. The heel is extremely sexy and as a byproduct hard to walk on, but of course that's not the point to it. And there's something about the arch, that beautiful curve, that sets the heart aflutter. I'd wear these with a little black skirt with ruffles and a pink cashmere sweater.

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Another find from Haight Street. They were in the same window with the gorgeous red suede boots I can't stop thinking about. These are almost as great, I love the big star. These are fun boots. I would wear them with a knee length black skirt and a white v-neck t-shirt, my star hoop earrings and red lipstick. When you wear a star, you feel like a star. It's true...give it a try.

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These shoes speak for themselves. Wear them with fishnets, high-cuffed jeans, torn Sex Pistols or Social Distortion t-shirt, black leather jacket, lot of big silver link jewelry, and some piercings and tatoos. Or try them with a vintage black dress and bright red lipstick, to keep them guessing.

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I saw these boots on Haight Street today and immediately fell in love. Unfortunately, they were $165 and that's definitely not in my budget. So I looked at them, touched them, considered whether it was worth ultimately paying three times as much for them on a credit card, then took a picture of them. I'll keep thinking about that credit card thing... I would wear these with anything, but especially a short black leather skirt and a white men's shirt. Red cowboy hat over-the-top and optional, but fabulous.

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Nine West

What more do you need in a boot? These are the slightly lower boots from what was fashionable last fall, just around the calf not all the way up to the knee. They have a good height stacked heel, tall enough to be sexy but not so tall you can't walk. The zippers on in the inside and the outside, double zippers, give them a little 80's touch without going too far. And I just adore the green color, I mean, how often do you see that color in footwear? Not often and this is a great use of it. I would wear the green with a black mini-skirt, fishnet stockings, and a camouflage t-shirt. That is, if I would ever be caught dead in camouflage. But I appreciate it as a look. And that outfit would look great.

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To The Max

I walk past a great store on Irving called Luba twice a day. Generally this is not a bad thing as I'm not a size 2 and therefore can't wear any of the clothing inside. However, lately I've been noticing their shoes. And I really want them. All of them. I noticed these in Luba's window this morning and I just love them. Once upon a time I had a pair of vintage black shoes with that same button on the side which I think is a fabulous touch. These shoes combine that vintage look with a modern wedge heel and a thick black sole. I would wear them wtih a chocolate brown swing dress and some big gold hoops.

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