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Shoes of June 2001

Cole Haan

These are some very funky, cute sandals. They're a little 60's, a little New York, a little bit country, a little bit rock and roll. Beautiful light wood soles remind me of a new hardwood floor in a Manhattan apartment. The neat little leather straps with buckles are perfectly sophisticated but they run through an orange fringed leather patch on top of the shoes that reminds me of a 60's vest on a hippie at Woodstock. These shoes are a contradiction, which I think is partly why they work so well. They would be equally at home with jeans and a halter top going to a concert on a park lawn or with a neat belted brown suede dress going to dinner in North Beach. These shoes don't have an attitude but they seem to know they can go anywhere without one.

Posted by Alyssa at 05:35 PM | Comments (2)

Miu Miu

What could be cuter than these shoes? They would be fabulous with just the black and white pointed toe and the little kitten heel; I love the way the heel curves in the back rather than being a traditional small straight heel. But the best part of this shoe is obviously the purple rose. Not only is it a gorgeous touch, but it's perfectly positioned on its side. If it had been central and an open flower it would have been too much, too clownish. But it's sophisticated, original, and cute as hell. I would wear these shoes with a white mini-dress and black handbag. Meg Ryan bob optional.

Posted by Alyssa at 11:19 PM | Comments (1)

Sergio Rossi

I like these because on first glance they're fairly common nice mules. Then you look more closely. They've got a great toe that reminds me of guy mods with their pointy slip on shoes--very Hard Day's Night. Then they have that extra little thin strap in an asymetrical 'V' on top. I love that touch, it just makes the shoe much more visually interesting. Then there's the heel, a very strange modern heel that's neither heel nor wedge but a hybrid of the two. It's the perfect touch on these mod-ish shoes, making them feminine but not girly. These shoes would be great with a little fitted vintage suit. Bright red Hollywood starlet lipstick is a must.

Posted by Alyssa at 05:29 PM | Comments (0)

Kenneth Cole

These are some very cute little sandals. They're not at all uptight or stuffy, just fun and relaxed but classy. I love the extra thin strap going down the side of the foot. The heel is very nice as well, simple and short but with an elegant curve on the inside. I love the pink one, with the darker pink inside and the palest of pink on the straps. These are shoes that can go from day to night, beach to dinner out, perfect for a concert in the park or dinner at Ondine. I would wear these with a halter dress in a bright summer print with a wide brimmed hat and straw purse (for day) or flowing hair and vintage handbag (for evening).

Posted by Alyssa at 12:42 PM | Comments (0)

Nine West

I love Nine West's shoes for their generally very classic designs for reasonable prices. These shoes are a little bit different. They're not as simple as a lot of the shoes Nine West carries. These shoes feel very 30's or 40's in their style, I think it's the t-strap and the detail on top of the toe. These make me think of swing dancing--until I see the heel. The heel is anything but old-fashioned with its sleek lines and height. Certainly not a dancing heel, though I suspect some could manage. The fact that it's natural wood (on the brown shoe), both the heel and the sole, brings the look together, keeping the heel from looking ultramodern and helping it to blend in with the rest of the shoe. Also the grain of the wood connects nicely with the stripes in the leather to make a continuous line. This is a very well-designed shoe. I would wear these shoes with a vintage brown, yellow, and orange print dress with a tight bodice and flared from the waist skirt. Pearls and 40's hair complete the look. Wear them to a swing club and dance if you dare, or go to a jazz club, drink a martini with an olive (which would color coordinate nicely), and show them off with neatly crossed legs covered in silk stockings.