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Shoes of April 2001


These are the shoes I wear almost every day at work. I don't know quite how they became my work shoes, they're not the most practical, the most attractive, or the most comfortable of my shoes. But I got sick of bringing shoes back and forth from home with me and oddly enough, these seem to go with just about everything I wear. They're cute, I think, with wide toes and a narrow middle to even the toes out. The heels are big and chunky and wood, so they click-clop on the floor and cement sidewalks. They're sort of sandal-like, with an open back and sides so they work well in warm weather but they're also good in cooler weather, with the closed toes. I bought them at Ross for $10.

Posted by Alyssa at 05:18 PM | Comments (2)

These are my co-worker Teresa's shoes. I just think they're very cute. Not my usual type of shoe, but they look good on her. She wears them with springy clothes, like the skirt you can see the hem of here, flowy and bright colors.

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I was working at this antique store on Saturday and a customer whom I've known for a long time came in. We started talking and she showed me these shoes which she'd just bought at a consignment store. We were both in love with them, but she'd bought the only pair, which were exactly her size. She planned to wear these to a family event to throw them all off a little. She's the creative type. These shoes are amazing. The top is black suede and the soles are all painted wood. But the truly stunning part is the ball in the heel. You can't help but stare at them, they're so architectural and sculptural. I want to learn how to wood-work just so I can make these shoes. But I would settle for buying a pair, if anyone knows where I could find them retail.

I asked their new owner what she was going to wear with them and she said a black skirt and top, though she was tempted to wear a nasty little t-shirt instead. I would wear them with a tight little black dress and big flashy red or orange jewelry, especially a huge red sparkly cocktail ring. I would wear my hair big, in waves and ringlets down my back. These are devilish shoes--I would wear my most fiery personality to bring it all together.

Posted by Alyssa at 12:45 PM | Comments (1)

Bruno Magli

Lush is the best word to describe these shoes. Orange is very hot this season and this particular shade of slightly burnt orage is particularly fabulous, a more subdued orange. I love the crinkly look they've given the leather, which creates a more informal feel to the shoe, going against the sophisticated style. The little touches are what make this shoe a great shoe. The golden lizard print inner sole lends an animalistic feel while the little black jeweled buckles are beautifully elegant. And the last touch, a rounded solid black high heel, when it should traditionally be a stiletto, gives a little more modern look to the sandal. I would wear these with a long black dress and burnt orange purse to a nice dinner or the opera or with a short gold dress and black clutch to a cocktail party.

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These are very cute sandals and I think this color is going to be big for spring. It's not as bright as turquoise which was a big color last year but has a similar tone. These sandals have a flirty style, a little elegant, very fun. The kitten heel is the perfect height and has a wonderful curve to it. The square toe and the squared heel keep the look modern. These should be worn with a bathing suit with a sarong skirt wrapped around the waist at a pool party or with a little minidress and a straw hat out to dinner on a deck overlooking the ocean.

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Kate Spade

These are from Kate's spring collection and they're so over the top they're wonderful. If you're going to have a gold sandal, why not go all the way? Wear these with a white linen dress and a gold belt. Dynasty-style hair and makeup should be worn if at all possible.

Posted by Alyssa at 03:30 PM | Comments (1)

Bruno Magli

I'm loving Bruno's shoes these days. These sandals are all about the heel and the color. They've got a fabulous big round heel that would be seriously dangerous if pointed. The color is a great deep red that's not flashy but sumptuous. These are not your average sandals. These sandals need to be taken out to a concert in the park at a private table or to a hotel by the beach where champagne flows like water. I would wear them with a sleeveless black dress and a shawl with roses on it. Jackie O sunglasses would complete the outfit.

Posted by Alyssa at 02:15 PM | Comments (3)

Bruno Magli

The essence of class, these shoes know how to enter a room. Simple and sophisticated, they aren't afraid to have a little fun, showing off their tiny white heel and sassy little white strap. The shape of the shoe is not built for comfort, with a pointy toe that makes my tootsies say "ouch" just looking at it, but these babies weren't planning on going dancing. They intend to sit on a barstool in a posh martini bar, showing off a little black cocktail dress, red lipstick, and a Cosmopolitan. And they're not buying.

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