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Shoes of March 2001

Bruno Magli

Very Roman Empire, very cocktails by the pool, these sandals have a lot of class while still being extremely flashy. Or maybe that should be the other way around. Regardless, wear these sandals with utter abandonment of restraint and simplicity and relish it. With a deep red dress and some gold hoop earrings, these sandals will make an outfit that screams, "I love luxury."

Posted by Alyssa at 11:42 AM | Comments (2)


I love this shoe, though the heel is a bit out of my range. The color is warm while the sandal is cool for summer weather. The darker orangey edging is a great detail. They have a very kicky, "Yes-actually-I-am-a-model" look to them, a spot-on-style without looking trendy or kitchy. I would wear these with a brown leather skirt and orange v-neck top and some bangly bracelets for a summer evening out.

Posted by Alyssa at 01:55 PM | Comments (1)


I know I've shown these shoes before, but last night while walking home, I saw a house painted in the same color scheme as these shoes. You know if it works on both shoes and a house, it must be good. Take another look...

Posted by Alyssa at 05:33 PM | Comments (1)

Steve Madden

Well, the sun has gone away to be replaced by fog now, but these sandals bring it back. A pale perfect pink, these mules have a femininity that's hard to beat. The heel is modern in its square-ness and being set in from the end of the shoe which is a great contrast to the 70's feel of the rest of the shoe. The wooden sole is a great touch. I would wear these with a polkadot belted dress, feathered hair, and tinted aviator shades. Rabbit (faux) fur coat optional.

Posted by Alyssa at 04:47 PM | Comments (1)

Manolo Blahnik

These shoes make me think of that scene in "My Fair Lady" when they go to the Ascot races. Audrey Hepburn in her black and white outfit was simply least she looked her part. And these shoes would make anyone look stunning and ladylike, despite what might lie underneath. They have a sleek shape and a well-curved heel. And even the heel is striped. There's a little Audrey in all of us; I would wear these to the races...well, maybe if I went to England.

Posted by Alyssa at 04:54 PM | Comments (220)

Steve Madden

Another beautiful day in San Francisco and another cute pair of sandals. These have a great lavender color which is very spring, very Easter-time-y. The heel is very modern, a cool shape, and a perfect height. The buckle on the front of these slides is very cute and a nice touch to make them distinctive. I see these going out to brunch with a pastel dress and a lavender Easter bonnet.

Posted by Alyssa at 12:49 PM | Comments (7)

Steve Madden

These are truly fabulous. Made entirely of lucite with plastic straps, these shoes are stunning in their transparency. I've been looking for a shoe like this ever since I first saw Cinderella as a kid. There's a very glass slipper-iness about them, like I want to wear them with a long ball gown and run away at midnight. Now if only it was this easy to find and purchase Prince Charming.

Posted by Alyssa at 10:10 AM | Comments (1)

Happy Spring!

Ok, so it's not officially spring yet, but with the weather this beautiful in SF, I'm ready to think it is. These are great sandals, not too casual but definitely playful. I love the delicate strap in back and the pink inner sole on the black sandal is a cute touch. I would wear the black ones to an evening event with a sleeveless black dress and small pearl accessories. I would wear the pink ones to an afternoon event with a flowy white dress and a pony tail. Either way, you could hardly help but look gorgeous.

Posted by Alyssa at 03:10 PM | Comments (1)


These are bad-ass shoes. They may appear in my next murder mystery.

Posted by Alyssa at 05:56 PM | Comments (1)


These are just sweet shoes, great baby pink color with a touch of the darker pink to give a little edge. Great heels and open toes. I'd love to see them with a rosy pink dress with a baby pink belt and pearls.

Posted by Alyssa at 01:49 PM | Comments (0)

My Cool Boots

These are my boots, which I bought on sale at the Bass retail outlet in Petaluma. I saw them and just had to have them. They're such great boots with a subtle sparkle and a tall heel. I thought I'd never wear them, honestly, much as I loved them, because of the heel. But in fact, I wore them for the first time this weekend and they were great! Admittedly, I drove everywhere I was going and I didn't walk around all that much, but I did do a little shopping and a lot of standing and my feet held up. I found them quite comfortable and I felt very sexy all day. And they really are beautiful--I even like the way the zipper curves at the bottom. In fact, I think I'll wear them tomorrow...

Posted by Alyssa at 05:23 PM | Comments (1)