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Shoes of February 2001

These are some darned cute sandals. I love the heel which has a kind of old-fashioned Chinese shoe feel to it. The thin straps make the appearance a little more delicate in relation to the thick heel. I think I'd like them more without the flower, but it does add a nice springy touch.

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Kate Spade

I actually got to go into a Kate Spade store yesterday, while I was shopping in Union Square with my mom. I dragged her in so I could see the beautiful shoes in person. And they were. Beautiful. These dotted shoes are great, really fun and kicky. They'd be great for a lawn party (does anyone still have those?) or a bar-b-q of the more upscale variety. They're just so cute and springy, I would love to see them with a little white sleeveless dress and a wide-brimmed red hat.

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Manolo Blahnik

The essence of elegance. Perfect black slingbacks.

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Via Spiga

These are just beautiful, warm-looking shoes. By warm I don't mean they'd keep your feet from getting cold, obviously, as they would be quite drafty. But they just have a warm feeling to them, with the soft brown and camel colors and the wooly fabric and leather. I would wear these with a 40's style dress and a long brown leather coat. Very cozy.

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Manolo Blahnik

I'm feeling kind of springy today, as the sun has come out and the rain washed everything clean. So here are some springy slides. They have a great print, with lots of pink. The style itself is very nice and very simple. I would wear these with a sleeveless white dress and a big straw hat.

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My "turning 30" shoes

These were the shoes I wore at my 30th birthday party. I thought they were fabulous and outrageous and exactly the look I wanted when staring the beginning of my 30's in the face. Paired with a "Diva" t-shirt and bright red lipstick, I told my sister, "This is how I want to enter my 30's." The shoes were surprisingly comfortable, despite the fairly high heel and I got many compliments on their unusual style, with a very wide sole and the very rounded lines. Nothing on this shoe is sharp or square. And the color is fabulous, a dark shiny red. (I got these at Ross for $10!)

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Manolo Blahnik

Gorgeous color, stunning style, exceptional touches...

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These are simply gorgeous slingbacks. The shape of the heel is beautiful, with a curve on the inside. The shoe's shape is lovely with the extra strap on the side. But it's the design on the shoe that really makes this a unique and stunning item, the vibrant colors, the clever shapes of the flowers, and the way the design hugs artistically to the curves of the shoe. I like the bag, too.

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Studio HD2

I just love the color of these shoes. They're a fantastic turquoise with an interesting texture. The heel is also cool, with the turquoise coming through at the bottom. I also love a square toe, which is stylish while giving the toes room to wiggle. The ankle strap is a great extra touch. This is a fabulous summer shoe.

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This pair is my most recent purchase, bought while walking the streets of the city after a depressing movie, "House of Mirth." I can't think of a more inaccurately titled film. I wandered into a Shoe Pavillion and there they were. They cheered me up in an instant. The heel is rather taller than I usually go for, but there's some platform to the sole so they're not quite as high as they seem. The heel has a great curve to it and the shoe itself has a very 40's feel, which I love. They had several other colors, including the red I almost bought instead. I imagine swing dancing in these shoes or saying goodbye to one's boyfriend as he goes off to war. They cry out for silk stockings with a seam up the back.

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Valentine Shoes
These were my "just broke up with my boyfriend" shoes, as they were so out of character for me at the time. But I think they're rather tame now. I still love them, though.

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I'm not philosophical about these shoes, but they are very lovely red suede mules. Can't beat that.

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Kate Spade

On a cold day like today, these Austrian wool pumps seem like the perfect shoe. A beautifully tailored wool suit, a long camel hair overcoat, and these shoes--the very picture of winter style. I love the slingbacks, too, which have a cuter heel. They would be great with a vintage black wool dress and a black faux fur-collared jacket. Dreamy...
Hmm, I think I'll go shopping right now...

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Via Spiga
These are the cutest shoes going. Perfect slingback style with a well-shaped heel. The colors and pattern are great. If it were my design, I'd lose the little tie, but they're gorgeous regardless. These shoes are a statement in and of themselves. I imagine these shoes going to a cocktail party and being the center of attention.

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Kenneth Cole
These shoes are all about shape. The curves are stunning; the overall apearance of the shoe is very womanly. A pink inner sole adds an extra dash of femininity. Lovely, lovely shoes.

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