October 27, 2003


My, these are stunning. I was going to say lovely, I was going to say sexy, but somehow they're both while skirting being either. The brown leather is lovely, rich, warm. The heels are sexy, seriously sharp and suggestive. Then the stitching gives them a strangely homey feel, like a comfortable leather chair at a cabin in Tahoe. The result is difficult to define beyond stunning. I'd wear them with a long denim skirt with slits so the boots would flash through as I walked.

Posted by Alyssa at October 27, 2003 08:05 PM

I haven't visited you site in a while. So when I clicked on "Shoe of the Day" and was greeted by this masterpiece, I just gasped. They are positively terrific!

Posted by: Shahirah on October 28, 2003 03:42 AM

Um...dont get offended but the mike guy who keeps posting comments on ur shoes, is he like your therapist or somethin cos he sure sounds like one with his perfect paragraphing and punctuation...i think he needs a therapist...he's a little uptight. cheers, mike!

Posted by: anonymous on October 28, 2003 03:47 AM

there must be more to these boots than i am seeing. They nhavwe a clean style but other then that they are a clasic riding type boot. The leather may be very soft and confortable. which means all bets are off. the only thing better then a comfortable shoe is one thats looks great too. if you can get that shoe for a great then it is heaven.

P.S. with wooden sole shoes being so poplar why havn't we seen any.


Posted by: Evan on October 28, 2003 11:49 AM

Okay, definatley sex shoes. You could name them my Fuck Me boots. The only problem is I think the heel should be a little higher.

Posted by: Marguerite on December 30, 2003 03:15 PM
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