October 01, 2003

I haven't done a surreptitious shoe in awhile so I figured it was about time. I was eating lunch at an Indian place near where I work which is near a hospital. These shoes were on a woman who seemed to be a doctor, white lab coat and such. I was impressed that someone who probably spends a lot of time on her feet was wearing such stylish, heeled shoes. They're a little utilitarian, but have nice lines and the stitching gives them character. And who doesn't love a slingback?

Posted by Alyssa at October 01, 2003 06:57 PM

If they had leather soles they would be great. I can't stand man made soles on shoes.

Posted by: search_un on October 2, 2003 12:59 AM

Actually, they do have leather soles; thin leather stuck over a manmade composition sole that is. If you look carefully you can see where the leather has been worn away at the pressure points to reveal the manmade sole underneath. Shoes which have a manmade sole of beige natural leather colour (color) do not wear like those in the photograph as the manmade sole is the same light colour (color) all the way through (thru).

This kind of sole is sometimes used on some medium priced (60 - 100 dollars) men and women's shoes to give the impression of 'premium quality'. In the UK you can pay 150 - 200 dollars for women's shoes and boots which still have manmade composition soles without the leather bottom!

My own lace-up wing tip oxfords which I am wearing in the office at the moment have this same kind of sole; and I can tell you that it takes a hell of a lot of walking to wear through the leather like that, so hats off to the medico lady in question.

As to the style and sexual presence of these shoes, I actually find them quite attractive. You can't see them particularly well, but if you 'right click' and 'copy', open Microsoft Photo Editor (on all Windows machines) or some other graphics/picture package, and then 'edit' and 'paste as new image', you can use 'image', 'balance', and adjust the 'gamma' to get a really good picture.

In the UK nurses are not allowed to wear high heels for all kinds of reasons, though I have seen "sisters" (senior nurse/ward managers) wearing them in private hospitals. Nursing is of course a strenuous profession, but as well as these practical "Workplace Health and Safety" considerations, there is also the problem of sexual tension when men are being nursed in bed by attractive nurses as it is, high heeled nurses would only add to the problem!

Women doctors however, can wear what they like under their open white coats and often wear high heeled shoes and boots. As a male 'patient' wearing absolutely nothing except for one of those knee length theatre (operating theater) gowns with the tie together open backs, I have found this somewhat disconcerting and embarrassing. Personally, I find no amount of self control and objective thinking can prepare me for being prodded about by even a relatively 'plain' woman if she is clattering about wearing high heels. My barefooted and 'vulnerable' nakedness the open bottom to my flimsy cotton 'gown' coupled with the embarrassment of trying not to have an obvious, if involuntary, physical response only makes matters worse it's no contest! This happened to me quite recently. I blushed and apologised the doctor smiled and said not to worry, - it was "natural and often happened". I said that I had "tried to be objective" but it was her shoes. She laughed and said she didn't know whether to be flattered or insulted!


Posted by: Mike Martlet on October 10, 2003 11:46 AM

Love them, perfect with pants.

Posted by: Marguerite on December 30, 2003 03:16 PM
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