August 07, 2003


I was having a crappy day at work today so I ate lunch at my desk and slipped out to Ross around 2:00. All I could think about was I wanted to buy some shoes. I found these boots for $9.99. That's pretty cheap therapy. I like the long pointy toe. I love the little curved heel. And they're pretty comfortable. I'll wear them with a black skirt and red top--the colors that make me happy to go along with my boot therapy.

Posted by Alyssa at August 07, 2003 10:18 PM

Sexy and just the thing for intimate dinners. The long toes are just the thing for reaching right up and under dinner table to give those intimate and teasing prods and yet are blunt enough not to have worry too much about causing harm!

Posted by: Mike Martlet on August 12, 2003 10:56 AM
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