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June 23, 2005

Hello faithful readers! I'm back again after a months-long absence. And why was I gone, you ask? For the same reason I was gone last time... I wrote a book! Well, I and my co-author Terry Ulick wrote a book. And yes, it's about online dating again. A fabulous new book that teaches you how to spot the truth from lies in online dating. It will also teach you how to take a good picture of yourself (Terry used to be a photographer for Playboy), how to write a good profile, how to make the most of trial periods on online dating sites, how to pick the right site for you, and much much more! Ok, enough with the hard sell. It's a good book. I highly recommend you purchase it.

And for those of you who have been loyal readers for years, yes, I have online dated. There's nothing I say in this book that isn't true and hasn't been tried out by me personally or my co-author personally. In fact, my co-author found "the love of [his] life" online dating shortly before we started writing the book. I have yet to claim that distinction myself, but I'm having fun and I'm working on it. Online dating totally turned me around, changing me from the recluse writer-chick I used to be into the chick-about-town dater I see before me today (when I look in a mirror). I highly recommend it, as well as the book, to anyone who's trying to perk up his/her social life. It's such fun once you get into it. It's even fun spotting the liars, the marrieds, and the very old photos--once you know what to look for.

Ok, I promise this is the only hard sell posting you will read on the site. But I do invite any of you with online dating questions to use my feedback forms to send them in and feel free to ask me anything. The doctor (disclaimer: Alyssa in no way intends to suggest she has an MD or PhD or doctorate of any kind in anything, but she does know a lot of stuff) is in.

Click the book cover below to go to Amazon to spend such a small amount of money on such a lot of good information! It's funny, too, and fun to read.

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