May 31, 2004

Here it is, once again, my yearly excuse to post pictures of naked people. Yes, for my 4th year in a row I walked Bay to Breakers, the biggest exercising party in existance. Every year in San Francisco thousands, this year it was over 60,000, of people walk from one end of SF to the other, starting near the Embarcadero by the bay and ending at Ocean Beach. It's over 7 miles.

There are runners who take it seriously, Kenyans win it nearly every year, but most of the people, the ones who I end up walking amongst, are enjoying the party despite the exertion. There are guys with kegs, the aforementioned naked people, tons of costumes, babies, dogs, dancing, salmon swimming upstream, elvises, and even police wearing Mardi Gras beads.

I usually walk with my parents and I take it partly seriously. I can tell by how tired I am at the end whether I've been doing a good job with my daily walking, getting enough of a workout. I did pretty well this year, a little tired but not sore even the next day. But I'd do it if I'd been sedentary for a month, just because it's always so much fun to see everyone.

This year the big thing was the "keg stand" which involved several people hoisting someone up by the legs until they're upside down then the person doing the keg stand would down some beer. It happened often, but my favorite was when Jeannie did it.

At the end you're rewarded with a lovely view of the ocean, a clock telling you how ridiculously long it took you (we didn't cross the starting line until 40 minutes after the race started due to crowds, so the time wasn't as bad as it might have been, plus you stop a lot due to crowds and to look at things), and for me and my parents we were rewarded with being only a few blocks from my house, a clean toilet, a soft floor to lie on, and a car to take my parents back to theirs after lunch.

Posted by Alyssa at May 31, 2004 07:56 PM
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