November 29, 2003

If you read my site, you know I participate in the Blogathon every year, as sort of marathon for bloggers that lasts 24 hours and allows us to make money for charity.

I, along with the rest of the Blogathonners from this year, received a message today telling us that one of our fellow 'thonners from this year has gone missing. She's 16 and her parents think she ran away. They're terrified and horrified that they missed signs that she might go. She's been gone since Nov. 27th. Here's her picture:

I figure with her interest in the internet, music, and politics; there's as much chance of her coming to San Francisco as anywhere else. So take a look at her picture. Who knows what might happen?

I'm one of those people who glances at those little flyers we get in the mail with the missing children on them then toss them in the trash. What's the likelihood that I'd either see or recognize the kid? But on the last one I read that thousands of kids had been found from those flyers. So I thought I'd lend what hand I could to this search.

Here's the website her family has set up. It's got all the info about what she was wearing and carrying. It also has the numbers to contact if you see her. Keep an eye out, ok? I will, too.

And for Persa--You can't imagine how many times I thought about just leaving my life and driving on to somewhere new when I was 16. If you just stick it out a couple more years you'll go to college and everything will change. Or you'll move to a new exciting city and everything will change. Or you'll just get out of the horrors of high school and everything will change. But disappearing just hurts everyone in your life and will make things harder for you as time goes on. Go home.

Posted by Alyssa at November 29, 2003 12:56 PM
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