July 28, 2003

I'm participating in the 24 Hour Blogathon for charity. The first 24 hours are over, but you can still sponsor me over the next 48 hours. I'm supporting the Global Fund For Women, a noble cause that supports women's human rights organizations around the world. Please sponsor me by clicking on the box to your left or on this link.

Fantastic news! The Blogathon 2003 has made it over the $100,000 mark. Truly amazing. Over twice as much as we made last year! Everyone's been so generous and the other bloggers have been serious hardcore about getting sponsors. As for me, I'm at $485! Another $15 and I'll hit $500. I never imagined I could hit $500. Could someone please pledge me $15? It would be really exciting... You can still sponsor me until 6 a.m. Pacific time Tuesday. It's for the Women!

Speaking of my fabulous sponsors, I have to give thanks to Ann and John Paul, two new sponsors. You guys are awesome and helping me reach this new goal of mine.

Well, I got about 5 hours of sleep yesterday--sleeping until about 11:30. Went to bed at 11--couldn't believe I lasted that long, but at the end wasn't all that sleepy. Got up for work at 7. Then sometime around 3 it hit me--jet lag. That's what my dad compared it to and he's pretty right on. I'm guessing I pass out on the couch around 9 tonight, but we'll see.

Posted by Alyssa at July 28, 2003 08:05 PM
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