July 27, 2003

I'm participating in the 24 Hour Blogathon for charity. I'm staying awake for 24 hours straight, posting to my website every thirty minutes, and getting hopped up on caffeine! I'm blogging for the Global Fund For Women, a noble cause that supports women's human rights organizations around the world. I hope to make them lots of money. Please sponsor me by clicking on the box to your left or on this link.

Sites of interest:
http://www.clarablog.com/ She's blogging about cheese. Nothing wrong with that. Gouda clogs! Make sure you follow the link to the clog site.
http://skyte.blogspot.com/ Ghost stories.

More movies! I saw The Hulk and didn't hate it as much as everyone else. In fact, I kind of liked it. It was slower and more thoughtful than your average comic book movie, but I thought it had a lot of depth. And I thought the effects were pretty good, though not perfect. But then I didn't think Spider-Man's effects were perfect, either, and everyone raved about those.

I saw Legally Blond 2. I saw and liked the first one, so I expected to like this one. It was horrible. Horrendous. Don't waste your money. My friend Angie and I were both embarrassed every time we laughed, though we did laugh, it was against our wishes.

I saw Charlie's Angels: Full Throttle with friends opening night. Very fun film. I liked the first one better I think because the plot wasn't as thin as the second. But the second one doesn't stop long enough for you to even think about the plot. Very entertaining.

Time to post again. Come back for the 4:30 shoe. Just 2 more shoes!

Posted by Alyssa at July 27, 2003 04:02 AM
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