July 27, 2003

I'm participating in the 24 Hour Blogathon for charity. I'm staying awake for 24 hours straight, posting to my website every thirty minutes, and getting hopped up on caffeine! I'm blogging for the Global Fund For Women, a noble cause that supports women's human rights organizations around the world. I hope to make them lots of money. Please sponsor me by clicking on the box to your left or on this link.

Site of interest:
http://www.delightz.net/jess/index.htm she was hosting our chat room, such a lovely thing. Unfortunately she ran out of bandwidth and crashed the chat room and her site. She's back up under a different url now.

To the stage now when the couch and bed seem oh so appealing. It's more the crick in my neck than sleepiness, tho.

Anybody have suggestions for a new cell phone? I have a fairly oldish Nokia right now. I'm thinking of upgrading to a Nokia 3650.

Time to post again. Come back for the 1:30 shoe.

Posted by Alyssa at July 27, 2003 01:03 AM
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