August 27, 2002

Well, my trip is fast approaching--one week from tomorrow I'll be on a plane to Spain (sing along in My Fair Lady style if you like...). I'm surprisingly calm. I keep expecting the panic. I suppose it may still come.

There's lots to do of course. I have to finish reading my guide books so I can make sure I don't miss anything. I have to do a couple of trial packings of my backpack to make sure everything fits and see how heavy the pack feels.

I need to call someplace in Barcelona to reserve a room for the first two nights. There's Spanish I still haven't learned. I'm having a party before I leave and there's still plenty of cleaning to do.

There's language software to be downloaded onto my Palm, there's music to be downloaded onto my MP3 player, there's a tripod to buy for my digital camera. I haven't decided if all my devices are making the trip easier or more complicated. If nothing else, they're taking up less space than guidebooks, walkmen, and my big old film camera.

And yet, I'm not panicking. I feel remarkably calm. I told my dad I'm a little worried about not being worried--like I'm not really prepared unless I'm feeling apprehensive. I know it's silly.

I just grin all the time. And I stay up late and get up on time, not feeling tired all day. I whistle and sing--at work, on the street, at home. Sometimes I dance around a litte. I seem to be pretty happy.

I'm actually amazed at what the anticipation alone for this trip has done. I must have been in more of a rut than I thought. The energy I have is impressive in comparison to what it was just a few months ago, even a few weeks ago. I feel shockingly alert a lot of the time. It's really cool.

I'll try to post again before I leave but I can't guarantee it. I will be posting to my site from Spain/Portugal/wherever I end up. I won't be able to post pictures probably, as I'll be using cyber cafes, but you'll see plenty when I get back, I promise.

Wish me a buen viaje!

Posted by Alyssa at August 27, 2002 11:14 PM
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