June 25, 2002

So my site has changed a little and I thought I'd try to take advantage of that. I now have a comments section so I'd like to ask for some advice.

I'm planning a trip to Spain and Portugal in September. I last went to Europe in 1995 after finishing college. I travelled for more than 2 months and it was a fantastic experience. I travelled with a friend for 3 weeks then on my own for the rest of the time, about 6 weeks. Travelling with my friend was great. Travelling by myself was enlightening.

I was never good at making friends, being very shy. Suddenly I was on trains with strangers, in cities with strangers, in youth hostels with strangers. It was be bold or be bored sometimes. I chose to be bold. I talked to people and found great playbuddies. I had some romantic adventures. I would walk up to people on the street who looked interesting and ask them where they were from. I shocked myself.

Travelling alone also proves something to yourself. It proved to me that I could do anything I wanted to do. I made up my mind on a moment's notice to go to another city. I went out to bars alone if I felt like it (something I would probably never do in San Francisco, afraid of ending up drinking alone). I mangled languages in every country I went to but I still managed to communicate everything I needed to. I walked for hours on end across every city I went to. I spent an entire week in my bathing suit in Greece and felt beautiful (I'm not a bathing suit kind of girl). I became the very best version of myself.

I'll be travelling alone again this time. It didn't even occur to me to ask anyone else to come. This trip is about me, and finding that best version of myself again. Plus, goodness knows I need a vacation like a nomad needs water. It's been years since I had a real one. And I'm going to be gone 4 whole weeks. Let me say that again. 4 whole weeks.

I went to Spain on the last trip--Barcelona, Madrid, Valencia, Grenada, Sevilla. I also went to Portugal, but just to Lisbon. I've been working on my Spanish and I'm getting better. I'm getting some Portugal tips from a friend of a friend. So what I need from you all is some advice.

Is there anywhere you went in Spain or Portugal that you thought was fantastic and not to be missed? Do you have any recommendations for a young-ish woman looking for fun nightlife type things to do there? Is there a guidebook you thought was particularly useful? (I could use a lot of advice on this one, I used a Berkeley Guide last time but I can't seem to find one now.) Is there a Spanish language book/tape/software that helped you learn Spanish? Any tricks you discovered while travelling that might help me? Any packing tips? Anything useful you can offer will be much appreciated.

Just click on Comments below. Thanks.

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Posted by Alyssa at June 25, 2002 10:30 PM

OK, I'm biased here, but I really think you just canīt miss A Coruņa city in the province of A Coruņa, in the region of Galicia; A Coruņa is my hometown. It's on the northwest. Best beaches ever, sunny if it doesn't rain ;o) Lots of lovely places to visit and wow what a nightlife. If you've been to Spain you've probably noticed that we do enjoy hanging out. Well, in Galicia, we hang out after work Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, THURSDAY, FRIDAY, SATURDAY. And it gets better in the summer ;o)

A Coruņa is near Santiago de Compostela, but I guess you already know that.

It's on your way to Portugal...

If you need anything drop a line.

Some links:







Posted by: Micky on June 28, 2002 03:57 AM

Just don't wear a South Korea football jersey in either place. You could get into some trouble... =)

Posted by: David on June 28, 2002 10:22 AM

Maybee you'll enjoy this book ?
Georges Borrow - The bible in Spain
it's the best travel write-up i've readen about this country


Posted by: emmanuel on June 30, 2002 08:15 AM

Go to Avila and walk on the city walls http://www.tweedlebop.com/kendra/images/walls.jpg ...and you can see Santa Teresa's forefinger if you're so inclined!

Also, go to Segovia to see one of the castles of Queen Isabella and a gorgeous cathedral.

You MUST take photos and post them to your website so that I can be green with envy!

Posted by: Kendra on July 1, 2002 09:55 PM
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