May 30, 2001

It was the hottest day ever today. Ok, that's not true, it wasn't even the hottest day ever in San Francisco, but it was 91 degrees at 5 p.m. I have the pleasure of having an office with west facing windows so by 5 p.m. it was about 102 degrees in my office. About half of my coworkers were thrilled by the sudden heat. I'm always surprised at how many people who love hot weather live in San Francisco. It's not the natural mecca for sunworshippers. The moment the sun started coming out around March, my coworker Teresa was wearing sandals and short skirts. My friend Angie sunbathes as soon as she can lie in her backyard without getting frostbite. My sister takes off her sweatshirt in the middle of winter if the sun comes out so she can catch a few rays. I think it's hilarious when the weather shifts from dense fog to bright sun in the same day out in the sunset where I work and I see the same person walk by in a sweater and jeans in the morning then tank top and shorts at 2.

I fall on the other side of the spectrum. One of the reasons I moved to SF was to live somewhere relatively temperate leaning towards cool. Growing up in the Midwest I learned to hate the extremes of weather--the incredibly hot, humid summers and the bitterly cold winters. My favorite few weeks of the year were early spring and autumn. Neither season lasted very long. I also, during a period of insanity in my life, lived in Sacramento. My clearest memory of that time was lying in the middle of the living room with the ceiling fan directly over me, completely naked, so hot I couldn't muster up strength to turn on the TV. I knew I was not long for Sacramento. I do occasionally complain about the inconsistency in weather that San Francisco is known for--the fog meaning heavy coat one day and the sun meaning sandals and capris the next--but it's something I'm more than happy to deal with. There are others who are on my side. Andrew in my office complained bitterly about having to walk just a few blocks in the noon-time heat today. I have a few friends who, the moment the thermometer cracks 80, head straight for the nearest cold beer. ('Course they do that in the winter, too.) My dad has a similar constitution as well, preferring not to sweat and sunburn.

There is one thing I love about hot weather. I was going to walk home tonight, but with the heat I just didn't have the energy. So I took the bus most of the way. When I got off the bus, which incidentally was STIFLING, I went into the little corner store and bought...a popsicle. I can't justify eating frozen sugar water any other time of the year. But when it's 90 degrees and you have several steep hills to walk up to get home, there's plenty of justification. My favorites are the multi-colored, multi-flavored ones like Astro-pops. The one I bought at the store today was called an Itzakadoozie. Frankly, the sillier the name, the better for me. It brings me back to my childhood. It helped that I was wearing pigtails today, too. The walk uphill seemed effortless.

I saw something today I'd never seen before, which is always an exciting thing to say. I saw a man sitting on top of a bus stop dusting it--with a feather duster. I'm still boggled by this fact. Amazing what the city will think a suitable thing to spend money on.

Posted by Alyssa at May 30, 2001 10:43 PM
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