June 26, 2001

I don't know what's up with me lately but I've been going activity nuts. I think something finally just clicked in my head and told me I need to start getting out in the world again. Not that I've been hiding. In fact I'm considerably more active than I was a year ago. But I still have a regular routine: Get up after multiple snoozes on the alarms (yes plural), get ready for work, take the bus, walk about 2 miles of the bus route for some exercise, work all day, walk 2 miles to the bus for more exercise, take the bus home, walk up the big hill to the apartment, sit around reading magazines, watching movies, occasionally writing or working on my site if my sister's computer is available. On the weekends things vary, I go to movies, take long walks, see my friends, go to parties or dancing sometimes, go to brunch with Mom and Dad. It's not a bad life by any means. In fact, I love my life. But I still feel like I need to put a little more excitement or enrichment or both into it. So I am.

I just signed up for a singing class which I'm almost unbearably happy about. I can't wait to start singing again. Not that I don't sing--I sing all the time around the house, while I walk, at work sometimes. But I used to be in choir and have weekly lessons in school and I really enjoyed that. And I want to get better. I've got a decent voice but I used to be able to hit some notes I only dream of now and I know it's because I don't exercise my voice anymore. So that's one thing.

Then there's salsa. I'm starting salsa lessons on the 10th which I'm also very excited by. I never did dance classes before, I think partly because I never thought I was in good enough shape to do it. I probably could have, but I was self-conscious. Now I can't wait.

And then there's the charity stuff. I never have lived up to my high ideals on this point. I've never really volunteered much, never made the efforts I felt that I should. I remember as a teenager joining Amnesty International, like so many other kids who adored Bob Geldof and Sting and Eurythmics, but never wrote any letters or did anything in particular besides joining. I never volunteered at a food bank. I never even really do those canned food charity drives. I have donated clothes and things on occasion, but usually it's the drives that require the least effort that I do, like when they leave the plastic bag for you to fill then you leave it in front of your house.

But now here I am, stumping for charity. On July 15th I'm going to be doing the AIDS Walk San Francisco. I recently did Bay to Breakers which was fun and the money went to charity, but this time around I'm actually collecting money and part of something pretty big and great. I'm really looking forward to the walk and have done reasonably well on collecting money. However, if you're interested in contributing, fill out a feedback form or email me and let me know and I'll email you back with details.

And I'm also doing the 24 hour Blogathon. You might have noticed the new button on the left-hand side of this page. If you click on that you can sign up to sponsor me. What I'm going to be doing is staying up from Saturday the 28th of July at noon until Sunday the 29th at noon and blogging every 30 minutes. Blogging, in case you don't know, is this, what I'm doing now, just my musings. So I'll be babbling on for 24 hours straight. I expect some of my blogs will get very amusing as I get punchy. Amusing at least to me... My charity is Planned Parenthood which I think is an amazing group. They do education, they offer low cost exams and birth control, give out condoms, and do free/low cost AIDS testing. They work for women's reproductive rights politically, visit other countries to talk about reproductive rights, and generally try to teach people as much as possible. My parents used to take us to this huge used book sale back in Iowa that was for Planned Parenthood. It was something I looked forward to all year. I've always felt good about them. I think they really make a difference.

You can sponsor me with as much or as little $$ as you like, hourly or a flat amount. Just click on the button to the left and fill out the form. Or if you'd rather, you can give me the money directly and I will send it in. All the checks are made out directly to the charity, we're just the conduits through which the money flows...

So here I am suddenly with a busy schedule for a change and I'm very happy about it. Sometimes I think it's too easy to just slump into your life, get too comfortable, and not even realize that you're not really living your life. I've been crawling out of that slump slowly for about a year now, gradually embracing bits and pieces of life. I'm starting to really feel it now. And it feels good. It feels damned good. Life is good.


Posted by Alyssa at June 26, 2001 11:52 AM
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