July 29, 2001

I just wanted to post a little something, even though the Blogathon is over and I should be sickened by looking at my site for one more second. But I just wanted to say, now that I'm reasonably rejuvenated by sleep and my brain seems to be working more or less, that the Blogathon was a really good time for a really good cause. I hope everyone will consider doing this again next year. My friend Kelly says he will do it himself next year, which means I have a position open for a friend willing to spend hours at a time listening to me type while he builds shelves. Planned Parenthood will receive around $200 from my sponsors, which I think is really wonderful.
I went to bed finally around 1:30 after Kelly left, I scarfed down a salad, and I spent a little time winding down, reading my fellow bloggers' blogs. Lots of odes to their beds there at the end. I took a picture of myself right before heading to bed, heavily lidded eyes and all, that I will post when I get my camera installed. I got up around 8 p.m. when the sunset's golden light (bit poetic, sorry) came through the little tiny window in my closet/office room and filled my bedroom. I wanted to take a look at the ocean in the sunset.
Now I find myself fading again. I need to go through a box or two and find my music for my singing class tomorrow then I'm running back to bed. My blogs will go back to a somewhat normal pace after today, but as I have a computer of my own at home now they may come a bit more often. But probably not every 30 minutes again until next year. Thanks all for your support and I hope you had nearly as good a time as I did.

Posted by Alyssa at July 29, 2001 10:25 PM
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