August 06, 2001

I dated myself last night. No, not by singing along with Aha on the radio (which I did) but by taking myself out to dinner and a movie. I spent Saturday during the day talking to everyone I know's answering machine trying to get someone to see a movie with me. As it got later and later and no one was calling me back I contemplated my choices. I could go home, maybe rent a movie, cook some fish or something, and have a quiet evening alone. Or I could say to hell with needing company and just go to the movie with myself. I decided to do the latter and did it up right. I took myself to a very nice long lingering dinner. I ordered whatever I liked without worrying about expense--I knew I wouldn't expect me to put out at the end of the night after spending a lot on me. I had a drink, not worrying that I might think it would make me loose. I didn't fight with myself about who would pay the check. I went to see a movie without arguing with myself about which one to see, a chick flick or an action pic (frankly I wanted to see both but Planet of the Apes was packed so I went with Legally Blonde). I drove myself home. At my door I mentally kissed myself goodnight and told myself I'd had a lovely time. I didn't expect me to ask me in.
I highly recommend dating yourself. The only problem is, you might have such a great time with you that it may be hard to date anyone else. Who could compete?

Posted by Alyssa at August 06, 2001 12:04 AM
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