August 14, 2001

I'm so sorry; I've been just horrible about updating my site lately. It's pathetic really. I mean, what's the point of having a site if you don't do anything with it. Therefore, for the purpose of at least having a little new content, I'm taking a few minutes out of my unusually hectic days lately to say a little something.
Work has gotten oddly busy of late. Normally I have plenty of time to play around a little while I multi-task calling people and scheduling and whatnot. But my co-worker was out for a couple of days last week due to a death in her family and I became quickly overwhelmed, a condition that has continued even though she's returned. I've never been the perfect one for this particular job, due to the fact that I hate answering the phone (as my friends will attest to) and phones are about 1/3 of my job. Lately the phones have gone nuts, the messages piling up, and faxes coming in of people I have to call. It's a bit out of control. But enough about the boring job.
I've been also doing some freelance editing which is both fun, as it's far more the kind of job I would like to have, and difficult, as it's a hard piece to edit. But that's coming along.
My apartment is stalled at the moment. Last week I was working pretty well at getting things unpacked; I put away all my clothes and got a lot of boxes out of the extra room (closet? office? who knows yet...). Which is part of the reason I haven't been posting to the site from home. But this weekend I was in sort of a funk so I ended up shopping, spending money I shouldn't have, and seeing movies. I have a horrible suspicion that I've become one of those women who shops when she's depressed. It's such a stereotype I want to resist it, but I'm afraid it's true. Which is a very good reason for me to try to stay cheerful. Especially now with my increased rent.
I saw Planet of the Apes on Saturday with my friend Angie. I hadn't seen her in literally a month and a half, which is a long time for us. It used to be we had lunch at least once a week. But her job has changed and she's got a boyfriend and she was on vacation and she was sick. Stuff happens. So it was nice to see her, catch up. The movie was fun, great make-up and effects, but the ending was bad and there was no character development to speak of. I was a little disappointed in Tim Burton who is normally a god among film makers for me. Angie and I were seriously laughing at the end. And as much as I like Mark Wahlberg I noticed this expression on his face a couple of times that was remarkably similar to The Simpsons' slack-jawed yokel.
I also saw, and I risk total embarrassment for admitting this, The Princess Diaries. I plead both my funk and my inexplicable love for teen flicks as excuses. I ended up sitting in a mostly packed theater flanked on all sides by young girls, many of them pre-teens. In some ways, it was actually a better viewing experience than I've had at the Metreon lately. There were fewer cell phones ringing, fewer outbursts at the screen, and fewer unnecessarily loud guffaws. It was actually pretty civilized. The movie itself was fine. More character development than Planet of the Apes, actually. It was a kid flick, it was Disney, and it was Garry Marshall so it was pretty predictable and had a happy ending. The plus, and I'm going to ruin the ending for all you who are clamoring to see this film, is that she ends up with the cute, mod-ish boy with the Beatles haircut who plays in a garage band instead of the blond jock she's had a crush on. It definitely had some good points. And it was sufficiently feel-good and fluffy for my mood.
I've started walking again, now that my ankle seems to be mostly healed. It's fun walking to and from work, exploring the neighborhoods, finding lots of neat little stores and restaurants. And it's really wonderful seeing the ocean every day, especially walking home. I walked home one day last week, Friday I think, when it was really clear and the sun was setting. I couldn't get over how lucky I am to live so close to something so beautiful. I took lots of pictures which I will post once I find all the components I need to download from my camera (no, I still haven't found them all, I probably should have been at least a little more organized when packing). Anyway, I also found that I could easily walk to The Beach Chalet, where we had brunch on Sunday, and to The Cliff House, where I plan to go play at The Musee Mechanique. I always suspected and hoped I'd end up in the Sunset. I'm pretty happy now to be there. Now if I could just get my apartment sorted out, my mood sorted out, and my work sorted out I might be able to wander more, explore more, and enjoy more. But I'm getting there.

Posted by Alyssa at August 14, 2001 10:57 AM
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