September 02, 2001

It took me 6 hours to go see a movie today. And it was not a long movie.
Normally I don't like to complain about Muni for a couple of different reasons. Firstly, I generally don't have much trouble with it, usually I get buses in a reasonable amount of time, I manage to get a seat fairly often, and I appreciate that we have a pretty good transit system, much better than most cities. Mostly I don't complain about it because it seems so common--everybody does it. But I have to say that today I was not thrilled with Muni. I left the house at 3:30 planning to catch a 4:50 movie at the Metreon. I figured I could kill a little time at Virgin or Ross or in the Metreon itself if I got there early. I thought I'd have plenty of time.
Problem number one with Muni is that they're working on the tracks for the N train out by my place. Therefore I have to take a shuttle bus to 19th Avenue where I have to get off and get on a train. This is annoying because the bus is slower than the train, smaller than the train and therefore more crowded and it's harder to get a seat, and the getting off the bus then waiting to get on the train ends up adding several more minutes to the trip. By the time we were on the train, getting ready to go into the tunnel for the fast part of the ride, I was already worrying that I might not be early enough for the movie to get a drink and find a seat. Then problem number two with Muni popped up. The train didn't go into the tunnel. There was some kind of jam and the train wasn't going any further. So we had to get off. I was forced to figure out how I was going to get to the Metreon as fast as possible when I was already worried about time without using the train. I followed the herd of sheep across to Market St. where the F car was pulling up to the bus stop. Apparently the F train was frightened of the crowd, however, and didn't pull all the way up to the bus stop but rather paused back about 100 feet short. Everyone looked expectantly at it as it just sat there, unmoving. Eventually I gave up and trekked over to Mission Street, figuring I could catch one of the buses there or BART. Of course, I was walking down 15th St. which is where one of the few remaining projects in the city exist. Grateful it was still light out, I hurried along, grasping my purse, and made the rest of trip to the Metreon successfully. Still, I was about 15 minutes late for my movie. However, determined to see a movie after the trek I'd just made, I found a movie that started 5 minutes later, American Pie 2. I have to admit that I kind of enjoyed the first one but I probably would have waited until video to see the sequel. But it was that or see Rush Hour 2 again or wait for another hour for a movie. So I made it to the movie, it was fairly moronic, but I laughed and felt better when I left. Unfortunately, Muni decided to be difficult some more. I waited for 45 minutes for an N train to show up. By the time I arrived home it was 9:30. So for me to see a movie I didn't intend to see that lasted less than 2 hours it took 6 hours.
But I'm home now and I've watched a couple of movies on the VCR and I feel better. I watched Gossip, which I bought for the price of a rental, which I thought was a pretty decent little movie, surprisingly. Despite an ending that could have used a little more explaining, it was pretty satisfying. And really, that's all I look for in a movie. Entertaining, a reasonable plot, and decent acting. It was also an early appearance by Kate Hudson. Now I'm going to bed. Tomorrow is another day. I just hope I waste less time during this one. Good night.

Posted by Alyssa at September 02, 2001 01:57 AM
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