September 26, 2001

It was one of those rare beautiful warm sunny days today, ones that usually only come in September or October in San Francisco. As soon as I left the office, though, around 6, the fog started coming in. As I walked home the fog took over more and more; by the time I hit 26th Avenue it was thick. I kept walking, the cool air feeling good. As I got closer to the ocean, yet another strange weather event happened, something you normally don't see outside of San Francisco. The fog was still overhead and close to the ocean, but above the fog over the ocean, the sun was shining through. It was a strange golden glow coming from the direction of the ocean. It was a little eerie, like the sea was on fire, but too gold, not enough red. It was like molten gold. It was stunning. As I got closer, and my camera battery ran out, the fog started to overtake the sun. I could see the perfect sphere of the sun, then the fog as it washed over the sun in waves, like the ocean it hovered over. The closer I got to it, the more of the sun was eaten. Eventually the fog swallowed it. The fog glowed a pinkish red for awhile then it was all gray.

Posted by Alyssa at September 26, 2001 09:35 PM
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