October 29, 2001

Well, the Halloween season is well upon us. I've been busy with events lately and costume gathering and decorating. I love Halloween. It's my favorite holiday.

Last Tuesday I went to the Haight to gather the final elements of my costume. My costume this year is a gold fairy. My friend Kelly and I went to the Piedmont Boutique, apparently a mecca for drag queens. There I found my third pair of shoes for my costume. I had bought two pairs at Ross, one for the Castro, the other for my friend Angie's party. The Castro ones were comfortable but not terribly attractive. The party ones were gorgeous but high heeled and I'd kick them off after about 10 minutes. In the Piedmont, I found these great shoes, gold sequined, and in my size, just waiting there for me it seemed. They were perfect for my outfit and comfortable enough to wear to the party in a club that I'd won tickets to. I ended up wearing them to Angie's party as well. Then we picked up fabric for my wings and skirt, both of which Kelly made for me. The skirt is great, but the wings are just gorgeous.

Wednesday I decorated the office. I do this every year. The first year I was at this job I decorated for Halloween, Christmas (rather the Winter Holidays), St. Patrick's Day, and Easter. Last year it was just Halloween and Christmas. This year we'll see. But Halloween is always a must. I have a strange need to do it at night, after everyone else has left the office. I enjoy that moment when people come in in the morning and their eyes light up at all the pumpkins and spiders and ghosts. I don't even decorate at home because it's not as much fun if hardly anyone sees it.

Thursday I had a work party. Friday I went to the radio party. Kelly wore his sheep costume. It wasn't as much fun as I'd hoped, but I had a nice time with Kelly.

Saturday I went to Angie's party. It was fun, lots of people dressed up. Angie's roommates have lots of male friends who came in drag. I noted that only men would wear skirts as short as these. They had a firepit in the back yard and with the night being unusually warm despite the fog coming it, it was just the perfect temperature from where I sat. Angie's roommate Major did a lipsync to Lady Marmalade the Moulin Rouge version. Major looked great in drag.

I was impressed at the number of people who actually dressed up. It's hard sometimes to get people to wear costumes even at Halloween. On the other hand, it is San Francisco. Major and I were discussing how it would be nice if people could come to our parties in costume all the time. Angie had a trauma with her costume. A woman was making her a Wonder Woman costume and it turned out horribly. It didn't seem to slow her down any. She looked great in a black dress, feather boa, dog collar and leash, and leopard print slippers. She seemed excited at the idea of me putting this pic on my site so here it is:

Sunday I went to my sister's birthday dinner. We went to Clementine and the food was great as usual. It's a French place on Clement that's reasonably priced and very good. My sister's birthday was actually last week, but she'd gone away with her husband for the actual day so we celebrated yesterday.

Today I'm home sick. With all these events, Friday night I got a sore throat. I felt worse as the weekend wore on to the point where I was dreading doing anything else. Finally this morning I put my foot down and stayed in bed. Sometimes I have to be firm with myself. I missed singing class which was very sad, though I doubt I would have sounded very good with all the phlegm. I'll go to work tomorrow; I have to. And Wednesday is Halloween and I don't want to miss that. I have to go to the Castro. I just hope I survive.

I love that the busiest time of the year socially for me is Halloween rather than Christmas. I just wish getting sick hadn't been thrown into the mix. And then everyone keeps suggesting I have anthrax. Ah well, it is the Most Wonderful Time of the Year after all.

Posted by Alyssa at October 29, 2001 11:44 PM
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