November 27, 2001

I haven't been posting to the site as much as I'd like lately. There are a couple of reasons for this.

Three weekends ago, when we had a rainstorm, my office flooded. The back room's carpet was saturated with water. The building manager cleaned it up but did a bad job of it and the carpet was still not completely dry by Friday. By Friday I could barely breathe from the mold. I'm allergic. I'm allergic to lots of common things, mold, dust, cats, dogs...and something common where I come from, Iowa--corn pollen.

I also have asthma, due to the allergies, and am deathly afraid of asthma attacks. I get them rarely. But Thursday I felt some shortness of breath and when I put it all together, the nasty smell of mold, my congestion, I realized what was going on. I got the hell out of there. I haven't been back to my office since Friday afternoon, a week and a half ago.

I was swapped with a co-worker at our ofther office so I'm back at work but I'm working at a site where I'm not used to the way things are done. It's stressful and I feel awkward trying to do everything right and inevitably failing, but at least I can breathe. I'm amazed at how slowly the clean-up is going at the flood site. I'm eager to go back to my comparatively spacious office where I listen to music, drink my tea, know where everything is. It is kind of interesting, though, being where I am. It's like an exchange program. I'm learning what it's like in another world...but I'm still homesick.

The other thing that's been keeping me busy is my friend Nate. He came to stay with me for a week this Sunday. Prior to his arrival, I was devotedly cleaning, unpacking, trying to make my apartment the home I'd been wanting to make it but hadn't had the energy to get done. In the most stunning act of self-delusion in the history of mankind, one night I even convinced myself that I like to clean. We have to play these little tricks on ourselves.

It's been nice having Nate here. He lives in London and I don't see or speak with him very much. Mostly we email, which is fine, but not the same. I thought it might be hard, having him here when I'm used to living by myself. So far it's just been nice, sitting up talking, going to dinner. I took tonight off, let him have dinner with another friend without me tagging along, though he insisted I was more than welcome. I figure if we don't spend every night together, we won't hate each other by the end of the week. Besides, they were doing Indian food and I have some issues...but that's a story for another time.

I had my last singing class this week, too, last night. Nate came and watched. I did pretty well with our little recital. I always feel a bit like a kid with these recitals, but it is fun despite the fear. I'll be taking the class again in January. I'm addicted. All in all, not as expensive a habit as say heroin. And it's still a good rush.

Posted by Alyssa at November 27, 2001 09:29 PM
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