December 07, 2001

I went to Ba-Da-Bingo last night. It was definitely the coolest thing I've done in San Francisco this year.

Ba-Da-Bingo is put on by the Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence, San Francisco's most notorious "religious" sect. Half the door intake is donated to non-profits in the city. It cost $15 to get in and 2 cards good for 10 games each. Besides the bingo itself, it was worth the cost for the floor show.

The drag queen sisters wore fabulous outfits (Sister Sparkle was just stunning), Sister Betty (the Chairnun) was caustic and nasty, and the other sisters frolicked and made suggestive comments when appropriate, and everyone made fun of Sister Dana.

Spankings were given as punishment for a variety of offenses--leaving your cell phone on (no one did last night), having a birthday, spilling your blotter ink. A young, fresh-faced Canadian was the sad committer of the latter offense and red-facedly endured a spanking and being placed in the dunce's chair until he was so pathetic he was let go.

The actual play was very fun, regular bingo along with Lesbian bingo (your numbers making the shape of an 'L' on your card) and Sisters' bingo (your numbers making a cross on your card). There were certain phrases and words you were supposed to yell back when certain numbers were called (oh-oh-oh sixty-nine). And the prizes were significant, the lowest I recall being $100. They also raffled off DVD players.

I got lucky and won one game. Unfortunately, so did 4 other people. We split a $125 pot, which left me with $25. I donated $5 back to the sisters. I walked out last night with a profit of $5. But I'd had a great evening of laughing, playing, and some free condoms, without it costing me a dime. Works for me. I'll be Ba-Da-Bingoing back there again. The first Thursday of every month.

Posted by Alyssa at December 07, 2001 11:00 PM
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