December 09, 2001

I made Christmas cookies with my mom yesterday. It's something we do every year. It takes all day and by dinner time we're covered in flour, fingers stained by food coloring, and full of sugar from tasting our creations.

We have traditional recipes we do every year. This year Mom and I tried to introduce some different cookies. Mom proposed taking out some of the old ones and replace them with new ones. It didn't go over well. As soon as she suggested eliminating one, someone in the family shouted no, that's my favorite. So instead of eliminating any, we added one or two.

Everyone loves Bourbon Balls, a specialty of my Aunt Peg. Since she's gone, we make them. This year Dad suggested Framboise Balls as well, and we gave them a try. They turned out well. Check out this pure chocolate--isn't it beautiful?

We always do the sugar cookies last, as the frosting process takes some time. No matter how much we dread them, we always have a good time. I was feeling particularly artistic.

The spritzes are my thing, as I was the only one who ever was able to make them come out right. We have an ancient cookie press, I suspect from the 50's from the look of the box, and we've used it ever since I can remember. It used to be I was the perfect height to see where the press met the cookie sheet, eye level with the counter. I suspect that's why I started doing them. Mom bought sprinkles this year with dinosaurs and cars. I spent a large part of the day decorating these silly little things. But it made me happy.

Posted by Alyssa at December 09, 2001 10:02 PM
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