January 01, 2002

Well Happy New Year. Welcome to 2002. A palindrome year.

I've been spending a lot of time watching the waves in the last few days. They've been huge, due to the storms we've been having. I've never seen waves so large at Ocean Beach. I sat and watched them this weekend and wondered. Can you apply the phrase used for March "In like a lamb out like a lion" in reference to the year?

2001 began quietly for me. Uneventful. Then at the end of June I had my bag stolen with very expensive gadgets inside. July I sprained my ankle. End of July I moved. My sister's husband moved to the US at the same time. August my mom got laid off. She had a new job by September.

Then September 11 came and the world changed. I walked around in a haze for weeks. Old fears from my youth of nuclear bombs and random acts of destruction seemed alive again. Anthrax made me fear opening the mail at work.

Everything for the rest of the year has been colored. The US is at war. Crazy people wanting to hurt us can be anywhere. The next door neighbor with wife and kids who's lived there for years could turn around and fly a plane into your building. Every few days the news shows are talking to survivors, families of the dead, families of heroes, families of villains. In November a Bay Area man was found supporting the Taliban in Afghanistan. The world seems scary and strange and unreal.

Before Thansgiving my office flooded. I was sent to another due to mold allergies. The office continues to leak in new places. There's talk of building an ark.

The day after Christmas an old friend's mother died, losing a long fight with cancer.

It rains almost every day. The waves just seem bigger and bigger. 2001 left like a lion. Therefore 2002 has begun like a lion as well. Maybe it means things will get better. Maybe it means Bin Laden will be found, dead or alive, and dealt with. Maybe it means the war will end and America will realize what an idiot Bush is under all the patriotism he cloaks himself with. Maybe it means I'll find my place in this new world and let go of my old fears. Maybe we'll all relax a little and things will go back to normal. I just hope 2002 doesn't end up reading the same forward and back.

I hope the year will go out like a lamb. I just hope the lion doesn't roar too much more before it puts on its sheep's clothing.

Posted by Alyssa at January 01, 2002 02:59 PM
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