January 08, 2002

I don't make New Year's resolutions. I just don't do it. I used to and then would beat myself up for being weak when I failed. I don't do that any more. What's the point?

So, seeing that it's January 8th and well out of resolution time, I'd just like to mention a few things I'd like to try to do in the coming year.

I'll try to post more to my site. I know I can be kind of lax and I feel bad. Not just for you guys but for myself. When I write on the site, I exercise my writing chops. It's good for me. I can get kind of lax with my other writing as well, a novel that exists almost as a whole in my head but covers only a few pages of actual computer screen. At least I can write this stuff while I watch Buffy.

I'll try to write more in general. It makes me happy.

I'll try to get back to walking to and from work everyday. It's been hard with the rain and the holidays. Not to mention that fact that at my new work site I have to wake up about an hour before I used to if I want to walk. I'm a snoozer. I can snooze for 2 hours. I'm not good at getting up in the morning.

I'll try to do more things that make me happy. I'll continue singing classes. I'm starting dance classes. I may do some acting.

I'll try to be more organized. I'll try not to procrastinate so much. I'll try to clean my apartment more often. All things I want to do generally, not just at this time of year. Things I'm always trying to do. But I won't beat myself up if I don't do them. I'm in more of a rewards system these days, not punishment. I get to stop and pick up a Viccolo pizza on my walk home from work, if I walked to and from work. I get to buy a new desk if can keep the one I've got organized for awhile. I can go see a movie on a Sunday if I've done some writing on Saturday.

And my reward for getting up in the morning before the sun is a gorgeous sunrise.

Posted by Alyssa at January 08, 2002 09:43 PM
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