February 10, 2002

I missed salsa today for the second week ina row. Last week was because of a wedding. This week I just couldn't make myself go. I couldn't get a hold of my sister, who's supposed to be going with me so I didn't have a ride. It would have taken me at least an hour on public transportation. And it's more fun to go with someone. So I justified it by saying I'm broke right now and can't really afford it, which is true, and I needed to clean my apartment because I have people coming over next week, also true.

So I was working on my apartment, feeling guilty for skipping salsa, wishing when it was about 20 minutes before the start of class that I had gone, when it was too late. I was putting together these shelves I'd gotten at Ikea for $5. They were $5 because they were just a portion of an entertainment center and also had no hardware or instructions. Did that stop me from buying them? Come on, they were Ikea and $5. How could I resist?

So I ran out of screws (I'd bought some for the purpose but had miscounted.). I decided to wander out to the hardware store a couple of blocks up the street. I just threw on some clothes, grabbed my backpack in case I decided to pick up some groceries too, and went. No palm pilot, cell phone, lipstick, watch...I barely bothered to brush my hair. I thought I'd only be gone for a few minutes.

When I stepped outside, I discovered it was a gorgeous day. Sun was shining, sky was clear, and it had to be 65 degrees at least. I went to the hardware store and got my screws.

While walking back, I thought to myself--I shouldn't waste a gorgeous day. Even though I'm something of a vampire and the sun doesn't appeal to me that much, it managed to call to me today. I took off my flannel jacket and tied it around my waist and walked to the beach.

I'm only a few blocks from the beach and I look at the ocean several times a day. But I don't go down there that often. It seems odd to me that I don't, but it's dark when I leave the house in the morning and dark when I get home. On the weekends I'm running around.

So I wandered down the beach, wind in my hair, sun on my face, sand in my toes. It felt good. I walked, looking at tons of broken sand dollars in the sand. The sun was shining so brightly over the ocean, heading toward sunset.

There were surfers everywhere. The waves looked big and good to me, though what do I know. Multiple hours of being forced to watch surfing movies aside. I kept looking for Chris Isaak, as I always do. One of these days I'll see his cute little sloped nose.

It was a little odd to be walking down the beach, no jacket for the first time in months, no lipstick, jeans rolled up, old tennis shoes on. I felt like the granola girl I used to be.

As I walked down the beach, comfortable, happy, breathing the ocean, listening to the waves, I didn't really regret missing salsa.

The one thing I did have with me was my camera, which I'd stuck in my pocket at the last minute on my way out the door. You never know when you'll want to take a pic.

Posted by Alyssa at February 10, 2002 01:02 AM
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