May 28, 2002

Love a long weekend...

Saturday was the wedding of my friends Joel and Claire. I've known Joel for over 10 years and Claire for about 5. They're both great people and it was wonderful to see them make it legal. It was a California style wedding--Catholic ceremony in a Lutheran church, reflecting their two religions; big plates of asparagus and paella for the dinner; nice red wine; the bride and groom danced to Barry White. My friend Angie was my date for the occasion and my sister called me a "lesbian for a day" as I danced with, held the arm of, and generally hung out with her for the evening. I have to say, it was the most fun I've had at a wedding, and I'm not a big fan of weddings in general. Mostly I was happy for my friends--Claire was glowing the whole day and Joel couldn't manage to hide the ever-elusive look of love most people are lucky to ever receive. Congratulations to them!

Sunday I went to brunch with my parents, a shoe sale at Nordstrom Rack, and heard a band play. We had brunch at Darla's which had a fantastic portabello mushroom benedict. The best thing about Darla's is they give you free treats for dessert. That day it was chocolate chip cookies. At Nordstrom Rack I bought a pair of sandals and a dress for my trip to Europe this fall. Then Angie and I went to see Hot Buttered Rum at Connecticut Yankee down in Potrero Hill. They're a really great band, like a cross between bluegrass/Billy Bragg/and O' Brother Where Art Thou. I heard them for the first time at a lame staff appreciation thing my work put on, HBR being the only cool thing about it--that and we got to take a 2 hour lunch. I became totally enamored of them and couldn't wait to see them again. They were great, of course. They're one of those bands that makes you grateful you were in on the ground floor of something great. If there's any justice in the world, they'll make it big. Oh, and they're all really cute, too.

Monday I slept in then went to see "About a Boy" the new Hugh Grant film. There were people sitting in line downstairs at the AMC 1000 for hours waiting to get into "Star Wars". I breezed right in, though the theater was packed. The movie was good, well-acted, entertaining, only occasionally painful. I liked the music. Monday was also one of those perfect parking days. It took me awhile to find a spot in the AMC parking lot but I got a spot no one else had the guts to try to get into and I had no problem. At Trader Joe's, where I went after the movie, I waited to get in the lot, but once I got in, I got princess parking, right up front. And at Safeway, where I went after Trader Joe's for the things you can't get there--aluminum foil and Diet Pepsi, I went around someone waiting for a spot and got an even better one. Funny how a little thing like parking in San Francisco can make a San Franciscan so happy. Ok, so it wasn't as eventful a day as the other two, but sometimes that's just as good.

I think every weekend should be three days. I need one that's scheduled up, one that's spontaneously eventful, and one where I get to be a slug. That's the perfect weekend for me.

Posted by Alyssa at May 28, 2002 09:06 PM
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