June 09, 2002

I woke up this morning thinking in Jane Austen-era English. Itís not something that happens to me all the time. Iím not a total literature geek. Just a little one. But these last two weekends Iíve been having a Jane Austen film fest in my apartment and I guess itís starting to affect me.

Last weekend I watched 4 Jane Austens one after another, Sense and Sensability, Emma, Mansfield Park, and PersuasionÖthrowing in a little Shakespeare In Love for the hell of it. I seemed to stand up under the pressure, no mental damage.

Yesterday starting at around 8 I started watching the BBC version of Pride and Prejudice. Itís 6 hours long. I watched it all and still moved on to An Ideal Husband before falling asleep on the couch. (Everyone deserves a Saturday night like this periodically.)

This morning I woke up and my thoughts were along these lines: I daresay I should awaken. Itís near eleven oíclock and time for tea. (Teaís really an afternoon meal, but I was still half-asleep.) The dayís near half gone. Alas, I have wasted much of my Sunday.

Yeah, I know, totally annoying. Luckily it had worn off by the time I had to speak to any actual people. They really should put warning labels on these video tapes. Repeated viewing may cause pretentiousness.

Iíve been easing myself out of the 1800ís all day. Before leaving for a late brunch I watched Circle of Friends which takes place in the 1950ís. After returning from brunch and a shopping excursion I watched Sliding Doors, which is present day but British.

Then I decided to push myself all the way into modernity. Iím watching Buffy The Vampire Slayer, the original movie. Ok, so itís a little 80ís, but thereís nothing old-fashioned about it and itís anything but British (and has some very early appearances of Hilary Swank and Ben Affleck).

I feel like a member of the present again. I might say things like ďExcuse much, rude or anything?Ē or "What's your sitch?" tomorrow, but at least it wonít sound out of the ordinary. I do live in California after all.

Posted by Alyssa at June 09, 2002 11:37 PM
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